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Cars In CES 2022- Is This The Future Of Cars?

CES is an annual event organized by the Consumer Technology Association. As the name suggests the CTA researches, develops and sponsors new and upcoming technologies for us buyers. Brands and companies from all over the world join the CES and present the out-of-the-box technologies that they have put together. We all know that the gap between the Tech and Automotive industries is an ever-thinning line, which is why the CES is such an important convention for us car junkies! Let’s see some crazy Cars in CES 2022.

  1. Sony Vision-S O2

Sony has been planning on stepping into the electric-car game for over two years now. And it is really interesting to see Sony on this list of crazy cars at CES 2022, but then again, the world is full of surprises. The Vision-S is an electric SUV that serves as a means of transport, and as an Entertainment Pod on Wheels. The Vision-S will be covered with screens on the inside, along with the provision to stream/play anything that you want.

Sony Vision-S O2

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  1. BMW iX Flow

Okay, this one’s going to sell like crazy! The BMW iX Flow has a special electrophoretic wrap all around the body. This wrap can turn itself into an e-ink display, which can basically change colours as you wish. It can even change designs as and how you like it!

BMW iX Flow

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  1. Chrysler Airflow Concept

The Airflow name dates back to the 1930s. Chrysler aims on rebuilding this car as an all-electric, high-tech car now. It will offer features like level 3 autonomy, multiple screens and a 400 HP all-electric motor.

Chrysler Airflow Concept
  1. Hyundai PnD Pod

Hyundai PnD (Plug-n-Drive) concept is a 360-Degree, open driving pod that will mainly aim to deliver to logistic demands. It will also help people who have very limited travel, as it will be extremely compact, easy to move and handle.

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  1. Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX

The Vision EQXX is Mecerdes’ way of showing the world how much range an EV can deliver. They used a multitude of technologies and techniques in their batteries, systems, mechanisms and design to bring out immaculate range. The EQXX will be able to deliver a range of 621 Miles; that translates to 993 KMs! The EQXX has an uber-smooth design that reduces the air drag very significantly, bringing it down to 0.17. The air channels under the body help keep the battery cool, reducing reliance on powered cooling systems.

Mercedes Benz EQXX

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