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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Get Out The Way! 5 Favorite Cars Of Indian Politicians

Considering India is the largest and most complex democracy in the whole world; the job of Indian politicians is no joke. Not only do they have to take many complex decisions, but they also have to make sure that they listen to everybody’s problem. And that means commuting a lot. They cant have vehicle mishaps and that’s why they are very decisive when it comes to choosing their rides. So today we will be looking at 5 favourite cars of Indian politicians.

  1. Tata Safari

    5 favorite cars of Indian politicians
    Tata Safari

    Safari has been the favourite of many politicians since its dawn in 1998. With its big stance,go-anywhere capability and comfortable seating; many politicians chose the Safari to be their official car. In fact, it was so good that it used to be in the official convoy of the Prime Minister till sometime back. You can still see many MLA’s and MP’s riding in old Safari Dicors.

  2. Mahindra Scorpio

    5 favorite cars of Indian politicians
    Mahindra Scorpio

    The Safari had the monopoly in the ‘semi-luxury SUV’ segment in India; until the Scorpio arrived in 2002. With sleek looks, a big brawny 2.6-litre engine and decent multi-link coil suspension, it attracted many politicians. Four facelifts later you can still see white Scorpios with beaming lights tearing up the Asphalt.

  3. Toyota Fortuner

    5 favorite cars of Indian politicians
    Toyota Fortuner

    Even though Toyota doesn’t need it, but I’m sure if they advertise the Fortuner as the ‘politician vehicle’ they can double their sales. It has everything a politician needs. Excellent ride quality, bulletproof reliability, intimidating looks and overall has a ‘VIP’ vibe. Usually seen in white colour, it is so good that it made its place in the PM convoy and it sure looks pretty sexy in black!

  4. Toyota Innova

    5 favorite cars of Indian politicians
    Toyota Innova

    Politicians really like Toyota eh? The Innova has been the ‘VVIP’ car since its launch in 2015. It has the same qualities as the Fortuner and also gives a car feel to the people in white Kurta Pajama. Many MPV’s came and went but they couldn’t move the Innova.

  5. HM Ambassador

    5 favorite cars of Indian politicians
    HM Ambassador

    Just close your eyes and think, what is the most ideal car for a politician, and I’m sure you’ll picture a white Ambassador. Although HM stopped production in 2014, it served India for a whopping 66 years! And a big chunk of them was used by politicians. Every single politician, from the Prime Minister to an MLA, have had this Ambassador as their official vehicle at some point in time. I guess nobody to defeat those huge ass ‘Sofa seats’.

    Many cars came and went, but these 5 vehicles cemented their place in the Indian Government. So, readers, these were the 5 favourite cars of Indian politicians. Know of any other ones?Comment down below!

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Vatsal Tripathi
Vatsal Tripathi
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