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Cars That Revived The Sales For Car Manufacturers In India

The Indian automotive market has delivered many great machines till now. People still like to buy some old machines which are not there in the market at present just because they proved to be a cult. In today’s featured, we are going to talk about some cars that revived the sales for car manufacturers in India. While these brands were struggling to gather good sales in the market, the following cars proved to be an absolute sales booster for them. Have a look at cars that revived the sales for car manufacturers in India.

  1. Tata Nexon

    Tata Nexon first car to join IDIS Platform
    Tata Nexon first car to join IDIS Platform

    The first indigenous car to get a 5-Star Global NCAP Rating. The Tata Nexon definitely revived Tata’s sale in India by developing a hype of the safety rating it has gained. Nexon is one of the top-selling subcompact SUVs in the country, and the major reason behind its sales is the safety factor that most top-selling cars in India fail to fulfil.

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  2. Renault Kwid

    Renault Kwid Neotech Edition
    Renault Kwid Neotech Edition

    While the Indian audience was already crazy about Maruti Suzuki Alto, some people started considering design and features and ended up buying the Renault Kwid. With the same 0.8 and 1.0-litre engine options, the Renault Kwid started off in the Indian market with a bang and stood against the Maruti Suzuki Alto in terms of sales. This is where people started knowing and buying Renault. The Renault Duster however continued to sell in huge amounts too.

  3. Nissan Magnite

    8 Reasons Why Nissan Magnite Can Take On The Rivals
    8 Reasons Why Nissan Magnite Can Take On The Rivals

    This car revived the sales for Nissan for real! Nissan was left with only one good car in the market (in terms of sales) the Nissan Kicks. And when people were interested in buying subcompact SUVs Nissan just brought in the Magnite which proved to be a gamechanger for the brand in the Indian market. If you go to buy a Nissan Magnite for yourself, you will have to wait for over 3 months! There is nothing wrong with including the Nissan Magnite among the cars that revived sales for the brand.

  4. Toyota Innova

    Toyota Innova Crysta | Facelift
    Toyota Innova Crysta | Facelift

    The Toyota Innova in any form has always been the flagbearer for the brand in India. For many people in the country, Toyota still means Innova! Well, Toyota experienced low sales in the last year and launching the Glanza and the Urban Cruiser couldn’t help much. But if you talk about Innova, this MPV king has never reported low sales in its history! This one is also among the cars that revived the sales for car manufacturers in India.

  5. 2020 Honda City

    Why the 2020 Honda City should be your first sedan
    Why the 2020 Honda City should be your first sedan

    Well, many people made it their first sedan. The Honda City 2020 made the sales grow by over 100% for the brand and this is the best growth we have seen to date for a brand. The 2020 City has boosted Honda’s sales more than any other car could do. We agree the City is among the best-sellers for a long time but the latest-gen definitely has got something that the audience is absolutely in love with. Do comment down your thoughts on the new City selling in such a huge number in the Indian market!

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  6. Skoda Rapid

    2020 Skoda Rapid TSI AT
    2020 Skoda Rapid TSI AT

    While Skoda was known to be an enthusiasts’ brand, with the launch of the Rapid, Skoda stepped into the competition and took on the rivals like Honda City and the MS Ciaz. Rapid is definitely a machine that not only revived but boosted Skoda’s sale in India. This car from the automaker is extremely affordable in terms of the overall buying and maintenance cost therefore, people don’t hesitate to invest in German technology over other options available in the market!

  7.  2020 Mahindra Thar

    Mahindra Thar 6-Seater Variant Discontinued
    Mahindra Thar 6-Seater Variant Discontinued

    This Indian brand has always been among the top sellers for the SUV segment as the Mahindra Scorpio has never failed to impress the audience in any manner but when they brought in the 2020 Mahindra Thar, this Indian brand experienced some next-level demand! Yes, If you go to buy a Mahindra Thar in the present time too, you will have to wait for at least 5-6 months! Isn’t this enough to say that the 2020 Thar is definitely among the cars that have revived the car sales for their brand/manufacturer?

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  8. Ford Endeavour

    Ford Endeavour Sport | Exterior
    Ford Endeavour Sport | Exterior

    Endeavour has been a top seller for Ford in India ever since it was launched. Although EcoSport started the trend of subcompact SUVs in India, it has lost its charm in the present day. On the other hand, the Ford Endeavour still continues to sell in huge amounts and is definitely a sale booster for the American brand in India. The Ford Endeavour stands against the Toyota Fortuner and has definitely gathered a huge fanbase to consider it as one of the top-selling Fords in India!

These were the 8 cars that helped their respective manufacturers to gain sales in the market. These cars helped them to revive car sales when they were going through their downs! If you think there is any other car that helped its manufacturer to overcome low sales, do let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. You’re wrong in some cases here:

    1. For Tata It was Tiago which originally revived sales of Tata’s Passenger cars in India.

    2. For Honda, it was Amaze Compact Sedan which revived it’s sales; City has been the best selling Sedan in India for decades. For an average Indian City became synonymous for Sedan. Amaze is still the second best selling compact sedan in India.

  2. Mr. Anuj Tata revived actually after the Global Ncap rating which actually started from the Tata Nexon. Then day by day Tata produces all the car better safety features like the Nexon and that make the company more stubborn to the market again. The actual game player is the Tata Nexon for the Tata Group.


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