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10 Hazards Of Using Fake Spare Parts On Your Car

A counterfeit automobile component is a knock off of the car part issued by the manufacturer. These are produced without the consent of the carmaker and with malicious intent. It is not easy to tell the fake spare parts apart from the real ones. Since fake parts are cheaper there is a temptation to buy them without double-checking their authenticity.

Counterfeit spare parts do not work as efficiently as the original ones. When they fail, it could be outright dangerous to the car, its systems and the occupants as well. Everything from counterfeit filters, alloy rims, brake pads and wiring to cylinders have made their way to the market.

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So let us now look at the list of reasons why fake spare parts can be hazardous.

  1. Threat to Safety

    Fake Alloy Wheels
    Fake Alloy Wheels | Source (1)

    Counterfeit spares can act as a safety hazard. The brakes you bought might not be able to stop the car in time or the aftermarket alloys can crack as soon it hits the first pothole. The fake electrical spare parts you use in the engine may as well lead to a short circuit. All this makes fraudulent automotive components outright dangerous.

  2. Bad Quality

    Fake Spares
    Fake Spares | Source (1)

    Since fake spares are sold at a very low price, often the companies that sell them make compromises on quality and finish. Hence, they are not built to last. The materials used to make them lack quality. So its better to stay away from fake spares.

  3. Road Accidents

    Source (1)

    Here is a scary statistic. There have been reports that 2 in every 10 motor accidents in the country are caused by counterfeit automotive parts. When a fake part malfunctions, it can have severe consequences. The repercussions can go as far as serious injuries and death.

  4. Pose a Risk to Other Vehicles

    Source (1)

    When you are using fake spare parts the systems in your vehicle won’t work to their very best. Along with you and your car, everyone else on the road could potentially be collateral damage. That is, you will be putting your fellow motorists in harm’s way as well.

  5. False Economy

    False economy
    False economy | Source (1)

    Since fake spare parts are cheap you will be deluded into thinking that you have saved money. But in the long run, you would be spending more money on frequent repairs and replacements. You will end up feeling like you should’ve gone with the real deal after all.

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  6. Emission Levels

    Common Car Noises
    Exhaust Muffler Peeling

    Fake spare parts reduce the performance of the engine, which would mean more emissions. Moreover, dubious third-party exhausts might not comply with the emission norms set by the government. Therefore fake components not only affect us but the environment as well.

  7. Can Affect Warranty

    Fake Parts
    Source (1)

    A warranty is a promise made by the carmaker to repair the car or replace parts within a given period. But, fake automotive components can potentially void this warranty. So there you go; another reason why you stick to genuine spares.

  8. Loss of Government Revenue

    Source (1)

    According to a study by the Automotive Component Manufacturing Association of India, a significant portion of the automotive aftermarket is controlled by counterfeit components. This means a loss of revenue to the Government.

  9. Faster Depreciation Value

    Source (1)

    Counterfeit components contribute to faster depreciation of the vehicle. For instance, using a bogus spark plug can affect the performance of the engine and in extreme cases, it can even contribute to engine damage.

  10. Other Hazards

    Fake Tyres
    Fake Tyres | Source (1)

    There are many reasons why we should stay clear of fake spare parts. Counterfeit tyres can collapse at higher speeds. Fake oil filters would not be good at filtering oil and this, in turn, can affect the functioning of the engine. Fitting seatbelts and airbags that are not authentic is a dangerously bad idea. And we are just scratching the surface.

Therefore, make sure to use genuine brake discs, shock absorbers, batteries and other components. Remember, do not buy spares from sellers you do not trust. If in doubt you can always go for GoMechanic spares!

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