Buying a new vehicle is a dream come true moment for many. It is a feeling that is unmatched by vocabulary. A moment, we all remember. From a common man to the world’s richest people, everyone tends to remember the first vehicle they brought. Because more than just a vehicle, it is a symbol of their humble beginnings. And when it comes to the bling of Bollywood, knowing the journey behind the names that rule millions of hearts is something that can inspire us all. So here are 5 Bollywood celebrities and their first cars.

  1. Kajol – Maruti Suzuki 1000

    The Maruti Suzuki 1000: Kajol’s first car.

    From DDLJ to Tribhanga, Kajol has come a long way in Bollywood and is now an industry veteran. The actor is known to speak her heart out and has had a beautiful journey in the Industry, giving us movies that are evergreen. Remembering her journey back in 2017, Kajol took to Instagram to post a picture with her “first love” which according to media reports, is a Maruti Suzuki 1000. Sitting on the bonnet of the car, she wrote in the caption of the picture “look what I found! A pic of me and my first love… my first car ever!!!”

  2. Shah Rukh Khan – Maruti Suzuki Omni

    The Maruti Suzuki Omni: King Khan’s first vehicle.

    One of Indian biggest Bollywood star, who also happens to be amongst the world’s richest actors, Shah Rukh Khan’s garage comprises some of the most premium vehicles money can buy today. In fact, he is the only Indian actor to own a Bugatti Veyron. But all this wasn’t given to the man on a silver spoon. In his days of struggle, King Khan drove the humble Maruti Omni which according to the media was a gift from his Ammi Jaan (mother); something he still cherishes.

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  3. Amitabh Bachchan – Fiat Car

    Fiat Car: Big B’s first vehicle.

    A megastar that has been in the industry for more than five decades now, Amitabh Bachchan is a name that strikes a chord for both children and adults alike. In his entire journey that spans decades, Big B has seen from the best to the worst to reach the throne he currently sits on. From his grand home Jalsa to a fleet of luxury vehicles, Big B now has it all. Much like a common man, the first vehicle he owned was a pre-owned one. According to media reports, Mr Bachchan’s first vehicle was a used Fiat car (Probably 1100) which he still remembers driving.

  4. Akshay Kumar – Fiat Car (Padmini)

    Fiat Padmini: Khiladi Kumar’s first vehicle.

    Often dubbed as the money-minting machine of the industry, Akshay Kumar is a supremely disciplined man known not only for his killer acting but also for his passionate and healthier approach to the Bollywood work culture. A man, who has given several hits in a row, was once a common man from Punjab who was a newbie once without a godfather. According to a media report, Akshay’s first car was a Fiat Padmini, which he fondly remembers driving to Shirdi after tasting success.

  5. Salman Khan – Herald

    The Herald: Salman’s first car.

    The Bhaijaan of the industry is known for owning some of the most luxurious vehicles such as BMW SX6, Audi RS7 etc. But success isn’t something that Salman achieved overnight. As quoted a lot of times during interviews, Salman’s first car was a second hand Herald that was used by Late Rishi Kapoor during his 1985 film Zamana. Since the blockbuster movie was written by Salim Khan (Salman’s Father), the car was given to Salman by his father. Salman fondly remembers driving the vehicle a lot, and also admits that the vehicle is now in very bad shape too.

    So these were 5 Bollywood celebrities and their first cars. Tell us about your first car in the comment section below and indulge in a feeling of nostalgia and a trip down memory lane.

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