Vehicle designing isn’t as easy as it may seem from the outside. Months and sometimes even years of hard work go into designing the overall interiors as well as exteriors. And while some manufacturers chose to comply with the ordinary, some are crazy enough to break the norm. This is how the idea of centrally mounting the instrument cluster was born. Against the conventional design, a few manufacturers went on to do something different by centrally mounting the speedometer and gave birth to a design cue that crops up every few years. So here are 5 cars in India with centrally mounted speedometer.

  1. Chevrolet Spark

    Chevrolet Spark’s Centrally Mounted Speedometer

    Crowned as one of the first vehicles in India to have supported the centrally mounted speedo, the Chevrolet Spark is truly a trip down memory lane. The centre of the dash on-board the Spark was complemented with a semicircular mount that featured the speedometer. Design-wise, the speedometer has green inserts along with a digital odo and digital fuel and temperature gauges.

  2. Tata Indica Vista

    Indica Vista’s Centrally Mounted instrument cluster

    The Indica was Tata Motor’s first passenger hatchback that it made for the Indian market. And the Indica Vista was meant to be its first-ever upgrade. It not only had better engines but also more features and a refreshing design cue. The Indica Vista was also the first vehicle from Tata to feature a centrally mounted instrument cluster. The integration, however, in the Vista was much more fluid than the Spark. The unit was simple and had an analogue system for the speedometer, temperature as well as fuel gauge. The only thing digital was the odometer reading.

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  3. The Etios Twins

    Toyota Etios’s Centrally Mounted instrument cluster

    The Etios twins (Etios and Etios Liva) were two balanced vehicles made by Japanese manufacture here in India. Right from the very beginning, the designers of the Etios twin were given instructions to incorporate a centrally mounted speedo. And they did that quite well. Even though the whole look of the dash was quite polarizing, the Etios still managed to look different. The instrument cluster unit had two analogue gauges for both speed and rpm, while the odo display was digitally placed below the two, along with other dash signals. The striking thing about the Etios twins wasn’t just the centrally placed speedometer, but also the AC vents which were strangely placed one above the other.

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  4. Tata Nano

    Tata Nano’s Centrally Mounted Speedometer

    One of Tata Motor’s most ambitious projects ever, the Tata Nano was meant to rule the hearts of millions. As the first car for many, Tata always wanted the Nano to be different. Probably this is the reason why the Nano supported a centrally mounted dash. In terms of design, the Nano adopted an oval mount rather than a semi-circular one. The dials again were analogue for the speed with no temperature gauge in the beginning. It was only later, that a light-based temperature gauge was added along with a digital display for the odo situated below the instrument cluster

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  5. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

    Maruti spresso interior
    Maruti S-Presso’s Centrally Mounted instrument cluster

    The latest vehicle to debut with a centrally mounted instrument cluster is the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso. The pseudo hatch by Maruti features a swanky interior set up, with an all-digital speedometer mounted right in the centre. The unit is enclosed within a silver chrome/ sporty orange garnish that is identically complemented below the infotainment as well. Overall, the Espresso incorporated the central speedo, in a more elegant way, rather than making it look like a hasty decision.

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