Driving is nothing without a clear field of view. And the only way to ensure that is by keeping your windscreen clean. After all, smudges and stains can make it impossible for you to drive without discomfort. That’s why wipers have been redesigned to achieve better performance, giving rise to the growing popularity of frameless wipers. But before you replace your traditional wipers with frameless ones, here all you need to know about frameless and conventional wiper blades.

The Importance of Wiper Blades

Car Wipers
Car Wipers: Your first line of safety

Before looking into how frameless and conventional wiper blades are different, it is crucial to know the importance of having a wiper blade in the first place. Well, even though windshield wipers are a small component of your vehicle, they have a huge impact on your driving and overall safety.

Be it an unprecedented downpour, frost, dirt, or anything of that sort, your windscreen wipers are your first line of safety. They allow you to drive amidst such situations. Moreover, your windscreen wipers also help you keep your windscreen free of stains that can come in handy when driving at night.

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Are Conventional (Framed) Wiper Blades Outdated?

GoMechanic Vision - Wiper Blades
GoMechanic Vision – Wiper Blades
  • Framed wiper blades or conventional wipers are a style of wipers that is prevalent in the majority of vehicles across the globe. In terms of design, these wipers are attached to a “frame” that holds the wiper flat onto the windshield.
  • Due to them being relatively straighter, framed wiper blade does not come in contact with every little inch of your windscreen, leading to uneven pressure when in motion, which causes reduced visibility and even scratches from prolonged use.
  • In terms of long term wiper health, since framed wiper blades are made up of more parts, they are more prone to being faulty after prolonged wear and tear.
  • However, one advantage that framed wiper blades come with is their cheaper costs and wide availability. This is a big reason why even leading manufacturers chose to put on traditional vehicles onboard their entire vehicle spectrum.

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What are “Frameless” Wipers?

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  • Also called beamed wipers, frameless wipers are a form of windscreen wipers that are designed without incorporating a frame. As a result, frameless wipers are naturally curved. This directly translates to better cleaning as frameless wipers tend to “hug” your windscreen with equal pressure, cleaning every inch when in motion.
  • The lack of a frame also allows frameless wipers to last longer. That’s not all; frameless wipers are also more aerodynamic in their design going well with the overall theme of a sportier vehicle, and even luxury ones.
  • But since frameless wipers are made from high-quality materials, they often cost higher than traditional ones. Probably this is the reason why you don’t see frameless wiper blades that often.
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Should You Upgrade To Frameless Wiper Blades?

Despite frameless wiper blades being more expensive, we would definitely recommend you to get a pair for your vehicle. Since the advantages of frameless wipers outweigh their higher price, frameless wipers are surely a worthy upgrade. And if you have planned to upgrade, make sure to visit the GoMechanic Spares, so that you can purchase the best quality wipers.

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