Most of the scratches on your car’s windshield suffer are shallow ones. But once you have spotted a scratch, you can’t unsee it. Whenever you look at the windshield again, the scratch is all that you would see. But trust us when we say, scuffs and scratches on the windscreen are not just about aesthetics. Scratches can grow and deepen over time to become safety hazards.

We can all agree that there aren’t a lot of things that break the heart like a scratched windshield. You can protect your heart and your car’s windshield if you keep a couple of things at the top of your list.

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  1. Clean the windshield, but with soapy water

    Night Driving Tips
    Make sure the windshields are clean

    Dirty windshields are more likely to be scratched. When the wiper blades move over the grimy surface of the laminated glass, there could be more friction creating small scratches. So what can you do? The obvious. Clean.

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    Car Wash

    Remember to use a microfibre cloth to clean the windshield. This would be gentle on your car. Stay away from rags that can potentially leave small scrapes behind.

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  2. Get new windshield wipers every once in a while

    History of the Windshield Wiper
    Windshield Wiper

    If your windshield wipers haven’t been replaced for ages, this can be a cause for concern. This is because the rubber of the wiper blades can wear over time. Then the metal present underneath can become exposed. The metal can put scratches on the surface of the glass when you turn on the wipers.

    You can fix small cuts and marks at home or you can take the car to your local mechanic. To prevent scratches from happening in the first place, make sure you replace the wiper blades before they are worn to the bones.

    Getting good blades from time to time can improve visibility as well. Newer wiper blades would have better efficiency when it comes to displacing more water from the surface of the glass.

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  3. Do not doodle on your dusty windshield

    Don't doodle on cars
    Don’t doodle on cars

    Windshields are not made for your fingers. If they are restless buy a fidget spinner. Writing on the grime settled on the auto glass might seem like fun at the time. But you can create small imperceptible scratches with your fingernails. They might not be as in your face like a crack across the windscreen. But over time they tend to compound. So do your car a favour and do not let your kids doodle on the coat of dust. And don’t do it yourself either!

    And here is another thing you should never do to prevent car windshield scratches. Don’t use abrasive materials to remove a tough stain on your car’s windshield. Doing this can leave the glass marred with scratches, making it look unsightly. So if you have some bird droppings on your windshield take the car to a service centre to get it cleaned. They will make the windscreen look brand new again without making any marks.

    Car Cleaning Essentials You Must Own
    Car Cleaning Essentials You Must Own

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  4. The wipers can collect dust

    Your wiper blades can collect dust and dirt from the road. Sometimes even small debris could be stuck between the wiper blades and the glass. When you turn on your wipers, they move back and forth, leaving the glass with small scratches. So what can you do? Make it a habit of cleaning your car’s windshield wipers, to prevent this from happening.

  5. Don’t use the wipers dry to avoid scratches

    Car Wipers
    Car Wipers

    Motor accidents are more likely to happen on a rainy day rather than on a cheerful sunny day. The wipers are there to let us see better in the rain or snow. So with the windshield wipers, you can still watch the road even if it is pouring cats and dogs.

    However, when it is not raining do not switch on the wipers. Even if your windshield is caked with dust and you are tempted to clean it with the wipers, well, try not to. If you absolutely have to hit the wipers on a dry sunny day, make sure you run the wiper fluid first in order to protect your car’s windshield from getting scratched.

  6. Check, use and refill the wiper fluid regularly

    Give the wiper fluid the attention you would give to your car’s other automotive fluids. Just like you would make sure your coolant levels are right, do the same with the wiper fluid. Wiper fluids act as the lubricant making the movement of the windscreen wipers across the glass, less harsh. So don’t forget to generously refill the wiper fluid in your car as and when needed.

  7. A stitch in time. (Window Cracks)

    Types of Windshield Cracks in a Car
    Windshield Crack

    They say a stitch in time saves nine. The same goes for the car’s windshield. This can be a bigger issue if the scratch is deeper. Say, if you run your fingers over a scratch on your windshield. If you can feel any unevenness over the scratch, it is likely to be deep. If you don’t do anything about a deep scratch, it can grow bigger in time and can leave you with the metaphorical equivalent of a pounding headache.

Let’s say you did your best, but the windshield got scratched anyway. What can you do? Nothing to worry about. GoMechanic is here to help. We will make those scratches disappear in a jiffy.  Download the GoMechanic App now!

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