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Hero Moto Corp May Enter Electric Segment In 2022

One of the World’s largest motorcycle manufacturer Hero Moto Corp has announced that they’ll be entering the electric two-wheeler market. After the slowly growing electric vehicle market, now Hero Moto Corp has decided to step into this market. Meaning, Hero will be introducing electric two-wheeled in the domestic market in 2021.

How is Hero Planning to go by?

Hero MotoCorp
Hero MotoCorp

To begin with, Hero earlier announced a tie-up with a Taiwan based EV manufacturer Gogoro.

  • Both the companies may also collaborate in the vehicle development that will aid in bringing Hero branded two-wheelers to the market.
  • With that, Hero Moto Corp will be using their research and development centres in Jaipur and also in Stephanskirchen (Germany).
  • A company official also stated that both these R&D facilities are already working on developing electric vehicles. Well, these two-wheelers will be based on fixed charging systems.
  • On the other hand, working with Gogoro, the development is focused on the swap-based charging systems.

As of now, Hero is not in the electric two-wheeler segment directly. For you to know, Hero has already invested in the Bangalore based two-wheeler start-up Ather Energy.

Hero Moto Corp and The Roll Out plan

Coronavirus- Hero MotoCorp shuts down production globally
Hero Moto Corp

The company claims that the introduction of electric two-wheelers will be next year. So, we’ll be having the big giant stepping into the electric market.

  • The company official also added that Hero is still working on adding more premium motorcycles to their portfolio.
  • Additionally, the new launches will not be delayed because of the global pandemic. Hence, the plan for launching their respective motorcycle is intact.
  • Well, after the collaboration of Hero and Harley Davidson we definitely have our expectations high when considering the premium motorcycles from Hero.

    Hero Motor Corp Sales Record
    Hero Sales Record

What do you think of the Hero’s Plan for electric two-wheelers? Let us know in the comment section below.

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