With India seeing the biggest surge in Covid-19 cases, many state governments have been working rigorously to contain the spread and eventually break the chain. The states most affected by this pandemic are Delhi and Maharashtra.

It was just Last week when the Mumbai Police introduced a colour-coded sticker system for essential vehicles for all essential vehicles. These colour-coded stickers were introduced to ensure smooth movement of all essential vehicles allowing them to plow easily through containment zones.

But now the Mumbai police has decided to discontinue the colour-coded sticker system and re-introduce an e-pass system for all inner-state and inter-district movements of all vehicles whether essential or private amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. This news was given by the Mumbai Police via its twitter handle.

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While speaking to PTI an official said “The decision to discontinue the colour-coded sticker system for Mumbai was taken on Friday and an order to that effect was issued by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) late last night.”

How were these stickers allocated?

So, the Mumbai Police has allocated 3 colour stickers- Red, Yellow and Green which categorised every vehicle involved in essential services.

  • RED– This was issued to for vehicles carrying doctors, medical staff or a vehicle providing medical requpments.
  • GREEN– For vehicles supplying grocery, vegetables, bakery and other food items.
  • Yellow– Vehicles in use by employees engaged in in essential services, including civic staff, electricity, telephone, press and all others.

However, according to new guidelines no one is allowed to travel by any public or private transport unless it involves any essential, medical or vaccination services.

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