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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Common Gearbox Issues You Should Not Ignore

The gearbox is one of the most crucial components for any vehicle, as it is responsible for sending power from the engine to the wheels. This is exactly why you shouldn’t avoid common gearbox problems. So here are common gearbox issues you should never ignore.

  1. Loss of power

    Loss of Power

    Probably the most common gearbox issue that users face is loss of power. If you ever notice a delay in your vehicle’s acceleration while driving, there is a high chance that the problem is associated with a faulty gearbox. So if your vehicle’s RPM increases when you engage a gear, but the speed still doesn’t increase as much, chances are that your gearbox is in trouble. If this happens with you make sure to get your transmission checked at the nearest GoMechanic workshop.

  2. Leaking fluid

    Braking Problems
    Fluid Leakage

    Another commonly encountered and evidently visible sign of a failing gearbox is leaking fluids from under the car. While there can be many causes of the same, chances are it’s the gearbox oil. This can happen for a wide variety of reasons such as a crack in the transmission casing, broken drain seal or even a broken gasket. If you notice this issue, make sure only to drive once the issue is resolved.

  3. Noisy Gearshift

    Driving in a wrong gear affects fuel mileage
    Noisy Gearshift

    If you notice a clunky or buzzing noise whenever you shift the gear, changes are your gearbox is affected. This could be because of low gearbox oil, worn-out bearing or damaged gears. If this happens make sure you replace gear oil, refill lubricants, replace the bearings and replace even the damaged gears.

  4. Burning smell

    Smoke coming out of the engine

    One of the most serious signs of a failing gearbox, if you notice a burning smell every time you engage a gear, chances are that things are too bad for your transmission. This could happen due to burning insulations on the exhaust manifold, oil leakage into the manifold or high levels of heat within the transmission.

  5. Transmission Shudders

    Honda City Automatic
    Auto Gearbox

    If you have an automatic car and notice that your transmission does not engage and merely shudders, there are changes your gearbox is failing. It is also common to hear rattling noise in such a situation and the vehicle might not be able to come out of the first gear.

  6. Jumping gears

    Kia Seltos Experiences Gearbox Problem: DCT malfunction
    Gear Malfunction

    Gears are meant to be engaged as and when you want. On the contrary, if you notice that your gear slips to the top or lower gear without you actually doing it, then things can get serious for your gearbox. This is called jumping gears and is a big signal pointing towards gearbox issues.

    So these were 6 signs of a failing gearbox you should not ignore. Stay pinned to the Gomechanic blog for everything automotive.

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