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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Top 5 Pickup Trucks In India In 2022!

Pickup trucks in India have always been seen as vehicles used for commercial purposes and transporting goods. However, they are a lot more capable than this. They can take you anywhere, keep you safe and comfortable, and offer tons of space. Today, let’s take a look at the top 5 pickup trucks in India!

  • Mahindra Bolero Pickup 4×4

The regular Bolero pickup truck is usually seen around rural areas carrying goods. However, the 4×4 is a different vehicle. As the name suggests, it gets a proper 4×4 system which enables it to do whatever you’d want it to do. Climb rocks, cross rivers, slide​ through slush, it can do everything. Starting at Rs. 8.8 Lakhs (ex-showroom), it is one of the most affordable 4×4 vehicles in the market. It gets a 2.5L diesel engine that makes 75HP and 200nm and is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. Mahindra Bolero | Indian Cars Stereotypes

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  • Tata Yodha

The Yodha is the successor to the famous Tata Xenon pickup. This is one of the most stylish trucks on this list of top 5 pickup trucks in India. Tata really nailed it with the design as this truck can fit in extremely well in rural areas as well as mall parkings! The 2.2L diesel engine on this truck makes 100HP and 250nm. Starting at Rs. 6.95 Lakhs, it is the cheapest truck on this list of top 5 pickup trucks in India! It gets the option of both, a 2WD and a 4WD.

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  • Mahindra Imperio

The only truck on this list of top 5 pickup trucks in India that can stand head to head with the Yodha. The Imperio is a more modern and refined version of the Mahindra Camper. It gets the same 2.5L diesel engine making 75HP and 200nm, the transmission is also the same. The Imperio is much more refined and is more fuel efficient than its predecessors which makes it a go-to choice for many buyers. Starting at Rs. 7.32 Lakhs, this is a good VFM truck.

  • Isuzu DMax V-Cross

The Isuzu DMax is more of a personal use truck rather than a commercial use one. It gets modern features like electric seats, a sunroof, touchscreen infotainment, and many more. The 1.9L diesel engine on the Isuzu makes 150HP and 350nm making it one of the most powerful pickup trucks on this list of top 5 pickup trucks in India. Transmission options include a 6-speed manual and automatic. The DMax is known for its impeccable off-road capabilities and luxurious interiors. This Japanese truck is heavily customizable and is a one-of-a-kind machine. Prices start at Rs. 19.48 Lakhs. Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

  • Toyota Hilux

The newest and the most expensive truck on this list of top 5 pickup trucks in India! The Hilux is based on the Toyota Fortuner and shares a number of parts and components. It gets the same 2.8L diesel engine that makes 200HP and 500nm, making it the most powerful pickup truck in India. The only negative here is the price. The Hilux starts at Rs. 33 Lakhs in India, which makes it inaccessible for many enthusiasts. Toyota Hilux: A True Offroader!

Here was a list of the top 5 pickup trucks in India! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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