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10 Most Googled Questions On The Isuzu D-Max V Cross

With the new model reaching dealerships, the 2021 Isuzu D-Max V Cross is likely to officially launch in the coming weeks. We at Gomechanic thought there couldn’t be any better time to solve the queries related to the only ‘lifestyle pickup’ available in India. So readers here are the 10 most Googled questions about the Isuzu D-Max V Cross.

10 Most googled questions about the Isuzu D Max V Cross
2021 Isuzu D-Max V Cross
  1. What are the ground clearance and payload delivery?

    This big brawny pickup stands tall with a total ground clearance of 225 mm(laden) so it is surely a great vehicle for your weekend off-road trips.
    And if you wanna go camping or surfing, look no further as the V Cross can haul a total of an astonishing 265 kgs.

  2. Does the standard model or z model provide a sunroof with extra charge?

    As sad as it sounds given how obsessed Indians(except for the Toyota Fortuner), Isuzu doesn’t offer a sunroof in the D-Max V Cross. You cant even get an aftermarket sunroof as it very difficult due to the structure of the vehicle and honestly doesn’t even makes sense.

  3. What is the price of the V cross?

    You’ll be surprised to know how value for money the V Cross is! With all the muscle and showbiz it is still affordable. The lifestyle pickup is estimated to range between INR 15.00-19.00 lakhs(ex-showroom). Is the compact SUV killer here? Can’t wait!

  4. What is the difference between D-max S-cab and D-max V cross?

    A query by many. The D-max S-cab is basically a commercial pickup, just like the Bolero pickup. The D-Max V cross is aimed towards personal use with the latest gizmos, a better engine, better styling and overall a good lifestyle pickup( not a fair comparison by like a Toyota Hilux).

  5. Does it come with a 4X4 option?

    Good news for all those who absolutely love offroading and want to stand out. The V Cross will be offered in rear-wheel drive and the top model will come with an optional 4×4. It’s time to get dirty!

  6. What is the mileage?

    Although it’s a full-size pickup with a big engine, the V Cross is expected to churn out 12.4 ARAI. It is surely not an economical or, to be honest, an everyday car, but the size and power do justify the mileage.

  7. What is the tyre size?

    Isuzu has made it pretty sure that you won’t have any problems whenever you feel like taking it offroad. It gets massive 18-inch alloy wheels which will make your whole experience absolutely seamless.

  8. is Isuzu owned by GM?

    In 1998 General Motors and Isuzu formed DMAX, a joint venture to produce diesel engines. GM raised its stake in Isuzu to 49% the following year, effectively gaining control of the company, and quickly followed this up by appointing an American GM executive to head Isuzu’s North American Operations.

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  9. Which vehicles are the competitors of D-Max V Cross?

    The V Cross enjoys the monopoly of being the only car in its segment. However, some vague comparison can be done with the new Mahindra Thar as they both are offroaders and sit in the same price bracket.

  10. Is the D max V cross reliable?

    Isuzu engines have been found to be very reliable. The D-Max V Cross is a very sturdy vehicle and rugged. You can easily take it offroad and we are pretty sure you will face no inconvenience.

    So there you go, guys! 10 most Googled questions about the Isuzu D-Max V Cross. Comment if you guys have any more queries; we will be happy to help you!

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