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10 Most Common Problems Reported On The Old Tata Tiago

Tata Motors is among the top carmakers in India that have been gaining back fame and respect. With the latest vehicle line-up, Tata looks promising and does offer some serious packages. One such car is the entry-level vehicle, Tata Tiago. The car was launched in 2016 and got a midlife facelift in 2020. The 2020 model this year also gets a new updated BS6 compliant engine lineup. Keeping that aside, car problems and car ownership goes hand in hand. There is rarely a case that comes out unscratched on top. That said, Tata Tiago though a good car is no exception. Here are 10 common problems Tata Tiago owners face.

Before we get started this is to inform you that all the problems listed are from the pre-2020 model and not for the current BS6 generation. Tata and its R&D has been generous enough to make all the necessary changes to deliver a reliable car for its customers.

Tata Tiago
Tata Tiago
  1. Noisy Cabin (It’s a three-cylinder engine)

    Tata Tiago Revotron Petrol Engine
    Tata Tiago Revotron Petrol Engine

    The car offers decent performance for the price, all thanks to a potent engine. But this car comes with a 3 cylinder motor that is surely not known for refinement. Alongside that, it is recommended to use fully synthetic engine oil for a 3 cylinder to reduce those vibes. The catch here is that the synthetic oil doesn’t come cheap and you have to shed a tad more than for a mineral engine oil. Over time, it is seen that the vibrations enhance rather than get reduced when we use mineral oil. The best part is that the new BS6 Tata Tiago has got this problem resolved.

  2. Power Windows Not Working

    Tata Tiago Interior
    Tata Tiago Windows not Working

    From the customer’s feedback at our service centres, we often get complaints regarding the Power Windows not working properly. This might be because of the failing power window scissor operator. Though the motor is usually intact, it is the wire that derails. Solely because of this most of the customers get frustrated. There is a fairly easy fix for that. I’m happy to say Tata Tiago has taken care of the problem in the BS6 update for Tata Tiago.

  3. Jerks at Low Speeds (Fuel Pump suddenly cuts off)

    Even more, people owning a Tiago get this problem, wherein at city driving speeds the car started to jerk as if something is choking the engine. After some research, it was concluded that the fuel pump is faulty. The fuel pump suddenly has a hiccup wherein it stops pumping fuel to the engine for a split second.

    According to our customers, this usually happens when the fuel level drops down to below half. Either you can keep the fuel level more than half to not face this issue, which is not at all feasible. On the other hand, you can also get it replaced (recommended). Besides Tata did offer to replace all the faulty fuel pumps free of cost. Besides, the BS6 Tata Tiago doesn’t even have the problem.

  4. Rusting Issue (Average Paint Quality)

    Rusting on car doors
    Rusting on car doors (Picture for Demonstration Purpose Only)

    Seems like Tata has spent their entire R&D to pass the Global NCAP crash test norms. Customers also often report the problem of rusting, especially inside the fuel filler cap. This is after the use of 2-3 years. Keeping that side, rarely a layer of rust is also reported under the wheel wells. Sadly, the rust cannot be repaired and has to be repainted with the utmost care.

  5. Fading External Plastic Parts

    If the external plastic parts are fading, it a fairly common problem with the cars having plastic cladding. But if they are fading just after 1 year, that’s a huge problem. Cars that are exposed to the sunlight a lot usually face this issue. Yet again it has to be repainted to overcome the issue. That said, it sure looks ugly when a well-maintained car has grey bumper instead of black.

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  6. Laggy Infotainment System

    Touchscreen Infotainment | Tata Tiago
    Touchscreen Infotainment | Tata Tiago (Picture for Demonstration Purpose Only)

    One of the important things in a vehicle is its infotainment system. Well, it is the music player that keeps the occupants entertained. What if, you wanna play music and the infotainment system slows this process down? This is exactly what the infotainment system does. For whatever reason, the infotainment screen starts to lag and obviously is super annoying.

  7. Low Mileage (in AMT)

    10 Things You Should Not Do In An AMT Cars
    Tata Tiago AMT

    Thankfully Tata Tiago comes with an AMT that makes it a really good city car. But if a vehicle does not have good mileage, is AMT of any use? Agreed AMT does have a decent mileage that is usually lower than the manual counterpart, but a huge gap in what the customers are concerned about.

    For your reference, the mileage claimed by ARAI for both AMT and MT is 20km/L. But the mileage delivered by the Tiago with AMT is quite depressing. The things take a drastic change with the new BS6 Tata Tiago as it delivers improved kilometres per litre than its previous generation.

  8. Problem Shifting First Gear

    After driving the Tata Tiago we felt that the gearbox was a bit notchy, especially for petrol. This is not the problem, the problem arises when we shift from neutral to the first gears. You have to have a precise hand to shift the gears as the gear stick usually wobbles even at idle. The notchy nature snatches the confidence when slotting the gears.

  9. Jerky Power Delivery in AMT

    Yes! even the Automated Manual Transmission has problems in shifting gears. We do agree that the AMT does have a jerk when shifting gears, but what if we say that the jerk is exaggerated in Tata Tiago? Well, this is exactly the case with this cute little car.

    The shifts are super prominent and one can easily make out when the gears have shifted making it an unpleasant experience. Also when taking the control into your own hands does not eliminate the problem. People learn from their mistakes, this is exactly what Tata has done. The new BS6 Tata Tiago has improved dynamics in this department.

  10. The Reverse Gear Problem

    Like the first gear, engaging the reverse gear also requires extra effort. You ought to have the car in complete rest before engaging the gear. Even when the car is at halt, at times you have to wack the gear lever into the slot.

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Please note that all of the problems faced by the customers have been rectified by Tata in the new 2020 model of the BS6 Tata Tiago. Did we miss any of the problems? Do let us know? Is it a decent car?

Disclaimer: The data in this article is based on customer feedback and is devoid of any malice, bias or hatred towards Tata Motors. However, we would like to make it clear that none of the articles on this platform are or NEVER will be paid or sponsored.

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Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Technical Content Strategist at GoMechanic | Big Time Petrolhead with the passion for building cars and driving those beauties.


  1. I think most of the problems are exaggerated. You can refer to many long term videos by Happy owners for years on YouTube itslef and with BS6 it got even better only. Don’t trust this review. It seems a campaign for defaming TATA by other competitors.

    • Hi,
      In the end, all that matters is how you are maintaining your vehicle. Well, the points listed in the article have been sourced from our customer database. Indeed, Tata Tiago is one of the best hatches out there in the market one can buy. Thank You for reading. Happy Motoring! 🙂

  2. I am using tiago for last 4 year. I m not facing any complaints explained above. The only pbln is that the engine is little noisy bcz of three cylinder. This is the best car in India in this category. There is no doubt. Have a request that dnt write such news without using the vehicle.

  3. The way article is written, it’s clearly a targeted post! All points are without any data and simply to align the image of the company.
    Keep up the paid work!!

    • Hi Ankush,
      The points in the article are sourced solely from our customer database. Please be aware that articles on the GoMechanic blog will or never were be paid to spread hatred or malice. Thank you for reading, Happy Motoring 🙂

  4. This is polished data, and he is misleading the brand value of TATA. His article is really wrote the under punishable act. I feel personally he wrote this article after getting some handsome amount from another car makers of Indian. Do good and receive good .

    • Hi Lokesh,
      The points in the article are sourced solely from our customer feedback. Please be aware that non of our articles will and never be paid to spread hatred or malice. Thank you for reading, Happy Motoring 🙂

  5. I’m a tata tiago owner. My car completed 2 years by July 2020. I have never faced any of the above issues. No issues with the electricals, mileage, gear shifting or any other issues.

  6. Useless article. I own a tiago and have not faced even a single issue listed here. Most of the listed ones are common problems with budget hatchbacks. You should rename the article to “10 most common problem in indian budget hatchbacks”.

    • Hi there Somesh,
      We are glad that you and your Tiago are having a good time with each other. Well, the data in the article has been sourced from out customer feedback. Thank you for reading, Happy Motoring 🙂

  7. Whoever has written this article is clearly not a Tiago owner or is paid by competition to write this. Im a proud Tiago owner since 2017 n have not faced even one of these mentioned issues. Sorry bro, U R Wrong!!

    • Hi,
      Glad to know that you and your Tata Tiago are having a good time with each other. Well, the points listed in the article are sourced from our customer database and all the articles on GoMechanic Blog will and never be paid to spread hatred or malice. Thank You for reading. Happy Motoring! 🙂

  8. I am using Tiago from last more than 3 years . Never faced any problems which were mentioned above

    Those all issues depends on the vehicle maintenance.

  9. Wrong information I am using Tiago from more than 3 years. Never had these type of issues for my Tiago.

    The above mentioned problems will depend on the maintenance of vehicles

    • Hi Chandrashekhar,
      Happy to know that you and your Tata Tiago are having a great time. Well, we assure you that the data listed in our article has been sourced from our customer feedback. Thank You for reading. Happy Motoring! 🙂

  10. Dear @gomechanicindia team. This is a fabricated piece of writing. We have a group of over 1000+ tiago owners all accross india. Most of the cars are pre-facelift. While few problems are very rare, other mentioned are certainly not “common”.
    Its funny at the end of each point, you mentioned the problem has been addressed in BS6 version, while this newer iteration is yet to complete a year and you decided the issues to be solved. This shows your quality of research for the blog.

    • Hi Avik,
      Our customer database is the sole source of this article. Indeed Tata Tiago is one of the best hatch money can buy. Talking about BS6, it surely is a drastic revision over the previous generation Tata Tiago and a couple of months are enough to get to know the car. Thank You for reading. Happy Motoring! 🙂

  11. Lol you guys literally got paid maybe 🤣 I own a tigor and none of the issues I faced. Yes I faced one single issue that is of AC, but none from the above said pointers.

  12. Fake.. Points.. Nothing is.. Tata delivering awesome cars model with economic price comparison to other.. Really strong cars. No become market leader

  13. This is not at all true. I have been using this car from 1st batch and is absolutely trouble free nor with any electrical problems or rust. It’s a fantastic car.

  14. I own 2017 model tiago and I have non of these issues. I’m member of various tiago owners fb/whatsapp groups.Most of the problem stated by owners are:

    1.Gear lever vibration in first gear
    2.Dashboard rattling
    3.Gear lever stuck while engaging 1st and R gear
    4.Engine jerking/powerloss in 2nd gear
    5.Door locking knob came out of the slot
    6.AC water leakage near co-driver foot area
    7.Car pulling slightly towards left probably an alignment problem but most of the tiago has it.

  15. I am using Tiago for last 3 years but I have only faced rusting in petrol cap. But may be it is due to my car always stays outside under a tree in all weather conditions. But this doesn’t happen in i10 which is 10 years old. Many Tiago owners complaint about mileage but I am getting >25 kmpl with ac.(With driving speed 80-90 kmph and no sudden acceleration on highway. I have also attained 30 Kmpl with more careful driving). Actually their service is very pathetic at showroom.

  16. I have driven Tiago since 3 years now. Power window yes that problem is there. The car music system has stopped working. To repair i was recommended by local tata serviCe to go to Pu ne. I live in Goa. Bit unhappy on that part.😐

  17. Very baised review
    Seems how much dude you got from other manufactures aka maruthi suzuki
    I own Tiago from 2016 may
    No rust problem you have shown images of maruthi suzuki !!
    No electrical issues
    3 cylinder engine has vibration on starting not in running
    Power window problem oh come own dude I can assure that switch can be used only to up/down 😃 no other features on it.. seriously no problem in power window
    No jerking if you use appropriate gears

    Dude don’t lie on a product you haven’t used i’mean not for one day or two day

    You need to change go mechanic blog to go baised blog

    • Hi Sarjeet,
      We are glad to hear that you and your Tiago are enjoying each others company. Well, the points listed in the article are sourced from our customer feedback. Indeed the Tata Tiago is one of the best hatchback money can buy.Thank you for reading, Happy Motoring! 🙂

    • Hey Robert,
      Please be aware that all the articles on the GoMechanic Blog will and never be paid or sponsored by any company with the intention of spreading hatred or malice. Thank you for reading, Happy Motoring! 🙂

  18. This is a misleading article because most of the problems are solved in 2020 Tiago. The writer first writes the problem then mentions that the problem is solved. Quirky writeup!

    • Hey there Sajit,
      We have mentioned that most of the problems listed are on the pre 2020 BS4 Tiago and have been reportedly been resolved in the new 2020 BS6 Tiago. Thank you for reading, Happy Motoring 🙂

  19. nvh level, some electronics fault and mileage is still not improved in the current bs6 engine, although never ever faced any issue regarding power windows, rusting or even fading of exterior or interior body parts.

  20. Older tiago owners may use this article to address these issues while the car is under warranty. I am facing issue mentioned at item 3 in my 2016 tiago, thanks to this article, I have taken this up with my service advisor to check the fuel pump. Three other issues I faced are:
    A. Air filter box breakage due to poor quality plastic
    B. Steering rod breakage on rough roads
    C. Engine temperature malfunction in Odo display.
    All the above were replaced under warranty

  21. The issue reported on the body – rusting – is pure bollocks. Our Tiago is 5 years old and has not got a spot of rusting anywhere. On the contrary I am all praise for the very well made body and the sheets used. This review, specially for the AMT, is absolute rubbish. Please refrain from such irresponsible reviews and then blame it on collected data. If you publish a review on your site then you need to do your research first hand and back it with data. Stop hiding behind fictitious people.


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