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Do Test Cars Really Crash- Myth Busted!

In the recent past, people have become very vigilant about camouflaged cars /testing cars roaming around. Images of these cars and speculations have been surfacing the internet a lot these days. More often than not, we see pictures of these test cars that have met with an accident. Now, since Indians are becoming more and more conscious about safety and safety ratings, people have started to believe that manufacturers are purposely crashing these cars! Read ahead to find the answer to the ultimate question- Do Test Cars really Crash?

  1. Well, the answer is no! Manufacturers do not purposely throw their products under the bus to show off their safety or build quality.
  2. Every automaker has access to testing tracks and crashing test agencies where they extensively test their cars. These crash tests are much more elaborate than any fender-benders on the roads.
    Scorpio Test Mule Crashed. Credits- Motorbeam

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  3. Human life endangerment, loss of public property, loss of someone’s private property, etc are one of the countless reasons why purposely crashing test cars would be a nightmare for anyone.
  4. Okay, if we do consider that these cars are purposely crashed, then what would be the purpose? There is no means by which the safety of a car can be quantified by one crash.

    Audi A3 Euro NCAP
    Audi A3 Euro NCAP
  5. The only reason these cars crash sometimes is because these are mere accidents, period. Compare the number of vehicles in India to the number of accidents per day, that math will surely support our point here!

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