Now just in India but all over the globe, people are into SUVs rather than any other car segment. Now, with the SUVs selling big, here in India, some petrol heads have shifted focus to some serious off-roaders and pickup trucks. But with limited cars in the segment, there was a lot to make up in the market. This is why the renowned carmaker Toyota is launching a pickup truck, Hilux in India. The launch is just around the corner, but to catch people’s eyeballs, Toyota has officially released a Hilux teaser before the launch.

With the Toyota Hilux, the carmaker is pitching a totally new segment in India. But with scare competition, Toyota might just have an edge. As per the teaser, the Japanese carmaker will be launching the new vehicle in the county on 20th January 2022.

What is the new Toyota Hilux like?

Toyota Hilux
Toyota Hilux

Unlike the cars Toyota has been launching, lately, the Hilux is a true Toyota and not a Suzuki. Hilux is based on the IMV-2 platform, meaning, it shares it with Toyota’s two legendary cars in India, Innova Crysta and Fortuner. Based on the age of the Innova and Fortuner, it instantly makes the new pickup truck seems more convincing and reliable.

What powers the new Toyota Hilux?

Toyota Hilux Coming To India!
Toyota Hilux Coming To India! / Click the image to know more

Toyota in India’s portfolio offers two diesel engines, a 2.4-litre that duties in Innova and a 2.8-litre that powers the Fortuner. Obviously, the 2.8-litre mill is more powerful and the one we want, right? But there is where the competition comes in. As power the Hilux’s competition it will directly rival the likes of Izuzu D-Max V-cross.

Hilux Interior
Hilux Interior

This changes the whole equation. It is the 2.4-litre that is more in sync with the competition and probably the one that will power the Toyota Hilux. Toyota has not confirmed the powertrain of the Hilux, but it is also possible that both the engines make way into the Hilux in respective variants.

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For information, the 2.4-litre engine is capable of generating, 148bhpp and 343Nm of peak torque. Here as the one is, Fortuner develops a whopping 201bhp and 420Nm of max torque. There also could be an option of a manual and automatic transmission.

Toyota Hilux Dimensions

Hilux Exterior
Hilux Exterior

Being a typical dual-cab pickup truck, the Toyota Hilux is long. This vehicle measures 5,325 mm in length, is 1,855 mm in width and has a height of 1,865 mm. 5,325mm doesn’t seem long on paper, right? Okay, let me give prospective rival, Toyota Hilux, is longer than the BMW 730Ld by a total 65mm or 6.5cm. Uff, that is huge.

The price of the Toyota Hilux

To stand right with the compition and possibly take over the market, Toyota has to price the Hilux comparatively. For reference, Isuzu D-Max starts at Rs. 19-lakhs (ex-showroom). And considering this, we expect the company to price the truck somewhere about Rs. 21 lakh – Rs. 22 Lakh price point (ex-showroom).

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What do you think of the new Toyota Hilux? Is it a compelling buy? We’ll definitely answer it, but what is your opinion? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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