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Car Amplifier | Do You Really Need One?

Car amplifiers are the unsung heroes of every car audio system. However, whether or not you installed an audio amplifier, if your car comes with a stock audio system, there is definitely an amplifier somewhere in the system driving the audio speakers. Usually, the head unit integrates a built-in amplifier powerful enough just to drive the stock speakers. So do you really need to install a car amplifier separately? 

Whether you really need a car amplifier is subjective – to your taste for audio quality. An amplifier generally achieves the feat of amplifying a low-power audio signal which can then drive high-power handling speakers. So for the real audiophiles out there, a car amp is perhaps a crucial first step to upgrading the audio quality. 

Do You Really Need A Car Amplifier?

The low-powered built-in amp in head units cannot practically drive high-powered speakers to their full capability. Crank up the volume to the fullest, and you will definitely encounter distortion unless you have an external car amp installed. 

Even with a built-in amplifier in premium android infotainment systems, you cannot drive a subwoofer just in case you consider installing one. If you can relate to any of the following, then you really need a car amplifier. 

Car Amplifier Provides Louder Output

Did you ever feel like your car audio is not loud enough even when the volume knob is turned to the maximum level? This is the lack of an adequately powerful audio signal to drive the speakers. Even with speaker upgrades, the lack of an amplifier will leave you longing for louder output. 

Essential For Distortion-Free Audio 

It is practically impossible to crank up the volume knob to the fullest and get a distortion-free, clear audio quality. So, of course, the only solution is to boost the audio signal with a car amplifier. With a car amplifier, you can turn up the volume to the maximum level and still get distortion-free, crystal-clear audio quality. 

Amplifiers To Drive A Subwoofer 

For bass lovers out there, a subwoofer or a bass tube is a must-have in the car audio system. The head unit’s integrated amp is inadequate to drive passive subwoofers to their fullest capacity directly. Therefore, a car amplifier is a preliminary requirement if you want to install a subwoofer in your car. 

Amps Are Essential To Drive High-Power Speakers 

If you thought installing higher-powered speakers would improve your cabin’s loudness and overall audio quality, then you are mistaken. Although installing higher-powered speakers will improve the audio quality, they won’t provide the best output without an amplifier. 

Car Amp Means More Features & Flexibility 

A car amplifier gives you more features and flexibility to customise your audio output as per your preference. Certain features, such as signal processing and equaliser, are not integrated into the head unit. In addition, with a car amp, you can easily add/remove channels to feed speakers & subwoofers. 

A car amplifier will allow you to easily access these customisations and modulate the audio output. Besides, modern car amplifiers with bass boost feature also enable anyone to instantly switch to thumping bass with the touch of a button. 

How Do I Choose The Right Amplifier?

Choosing the right car amplifier depends on quite a few factors. In most cases, the number of channels and the amplifier’s power is the most important determinants when choosing a car amplifier. 

The number of speakers/subwoofers you want to drive, whether you intend to power a subwoofer, etc., will determine the number of channels you need. Likewise, your car amplifier RMS power should ideally be around 75 to 150 per cent of the speakers’ power handling capacity. 



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