10 Most Easy-To-Drive Affordable Hatchback In India Right Now!

10 Most Easy-To-Drive Affordable Hatchback In India Right Now!

Technology is playing an important role in making the everyday life of a human easy. From smart appliances to vehicles, technology has done wonders over the years. Switching to cars makes them technologically sound due to the safety features and ease of driving. This is where the need for a car with automatic transmission comes in. As the hatchbacks are majorly driven in the city, they should be easy to drive and what’s better than to install an AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) with them.

So, there are the 10 easy to drive affordable hatchbacks you can buy in India right now.

  1. Renault Kwid (AMT) – Rs. 5.61 Lakh

    Renault Kwid Neotech Edition

    The hatchback from the French carmaker comes out to be one of the most affordable hatchbacks to come with an AMT box, Renault Kwid. This allows the car to be nimble and fairly easy to drive in the city.

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    Renault Kwid comes with a couple of engines, of which it is the 1.0 litre naturally aspirated motor that gets the AMT treatment. Now, the only thing the driver has to adjust is the continuance of AMT and not clutch, in the traffic.

  2. Maruti Suzuki WagonR (AMT) – Rs. 6.63 Lakh

    2022 Maruti Suzuki WagonR Launched! But What’s New?

    Indeed the OG vehicle on the list that just keeps on going is the offering from Maruti Suzuki, the WagonR. Since its launch in early 2000, it has come a long way now and in 2022, still, people are interested in getting this vehicle for their garage.

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    Once affordable, the 2022 WagonR with the AMT is priced a little high at Rs. 6.63 Lakh (ex-showroom). On the contrary, the same vehicle in 2021 cost Rs 5.99 Lakh (ex-showroom). Now that is significant.

  3. Maruti Suzuki Celerio (AMT) – Rs. 6.13 Lakh

    2021 Maruti Suzuki Celerio

    The Indian auto giant Maruti Suzuki best suits the affordable car segment. For one, these are the proper mass-market cars and almost all the vehicles from the brand make it to the best selling cars of the month, except one, the Maruti Suzuki Celerio.

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    In November 2021, Maruti Suzuki launched the next generation of the Celerio which is better in almost all aspects than the previous model. It is bigger, wide and a little longer, which opens up more space on the inside. But it is the ease of AMT that might catch the buyers’ attention.

  4. Hyundai Santro (AMT) – Rs. 5.82 Lakh

    Third Generation Hyundai Santro

    There are very few cars in the market that carryforwards their old legacy, certainly, Hyundai Santro is one of them at least this is what the manufacturer says. But sadly, the sales numbers say otherwise. Santro in its class is unique in many ways.

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    For one, the interior looks a lot upmarket than its competitors. Additionally, Santro is the only vehicle in the category to get a 4 cylinder engine, which is definitely refined. And yes, it gets an AMT box.

  5. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso (AMT) – Rs. 5.04 Lakh

    Maruti Suzuki S-Presso and its service cost explained

    We faced a little difficulty in placing this vehicle, as looks like a micro-mini SUV. Nevertheless, Maruti Suzuki S-Presso is among the affordable vehicles on the list that gets an AMT gearbox for that easy to drive experience. But unlike its competition, the vehicle has a high centre of gravity. But that also translated to better visibility of the road ahead. And yes, it comes with an AMT gearbox for the convenience of driving in the city.

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  6. Datsun Redi-Go (AMT) – Rs. 4.96 Lakh

    2020 Datsun RediGo Facelift / Easy to drive hatchback

    Next up is the Datsun Redi-GO. It is the least popular vehicle on the list as well as the segment it belongs to, but it is a very affordable machine. It comes powered by a 1.0-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that can deliver efficiency of more than 20kmpl.

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    The right pricing is always paramount, and the Redi-Go, which with its AMT, is priced at just Rs.4.96 Lakhs, is nothing but affordable. It is among the cheapest car on this list.

  7. Maruti Suzuki Ignis (AMT) – Rs. 6.38 Lakh

    Maruti Suzuki Ignis / Easy to drive hatchback

    Almost all the cars from the Maruti Suzuki stable are known to be value for money, and no wonder most of the vehicles in the top 10 best selling from this brand are the best-selling cars of the month. But Maruti Suzuki Ignis is not among them.

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    Though a Maruti, it did not do as good as the company imagined. Nonetheless, Maruti Suzuki Ignis is certainly more affordable than the WagonR and also offers a better fit and finish on the inside. The deal becomes more interesting with the AMT, making the vehicle easy to drive in the city. Also, it gets a 4 cylinder petrol engine which is among Suzuki’s most refined engines.

  8. Datsun Go (CVT) – Rs. 6.31 Lakh

    Datsun Go / Easy to drive hatchback

    The Datsun GO in its T variant comes equipped with a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that is mated to a CVT transmission. Yup! That is correct, this is the only vehicle on the list to get a proper automatic transmission and also the cheapest vehicle in the market with a CVT. The carmaker Datsun from day one was not able to impress the Indian audience. It was the Redi GO that saw a fair share of success in the market.

    Datsun India recently updated the GO hatchback but that didn’t do anything for the sales. The only thing that helped the vehicle sales are the Taxi fleet owners. As this is the cheapest vehicle with a CVT it certainly is easier to drive than any other vehicle on the list.

  9. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios (AMT) – Rs. 6.68 Lakh

    Hyundai Grand i10 Nios / Easy to drive hatchback

    Next, we have another vehicle from the Korean carmaker, the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios. This hatchback from Hyundai is among India’s favourite vehicles and is definitely among the choice of cars at the price point. That said, the Grand i10 Nios gets a plethora of features, along with a set of refined engines.

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    Further, the Grand i10 Nios gets a couple of transmission options to choose from, from which one is the convenient 5 speed AMT and the other is the enthusiasts’ choice, a 5 speed MT. Speaking of the AMT in this Hyundai, it is refined when compared to other AMTs in its competition and one would enjoy the ease of driving this vehicle provides.

  10. Tata Tiago (AMT) – Rs. 6.38 Lakh

    Tiago i-CNG / Image for representation only

    Finally, we have a vehicle on the list from an Indian carmaker, it is the Tata Tiago AMT. Before diving straight into the transmission, the Tiago comes with a 1.2-litre 3 cylinder motor that is capable of generating peak power of 86bhp and 113Nm of max torque.

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    Well, the engine is decently powerful, it lacks refinement and offers slightly higher NVH levels. Additionally, with the AMT the lag and the raw character of the engine are slightly more pronounced. But what this engine and transmission combo offer is a perfect city vehicle, which is nimble and also safe (5-star Global NCAP rating, you know).

Note: The prices mentioned are ex-showroom prices of the entry-level AMT variants as of 2nd April 2022. The prices might change without notice.

These were the most affordable hatchbacks that come equipt with an AMT gearbox making them easy to drive in the city. Let us know in the comment section which one will you prefer?