India’s apex lawmaking authority Supreme Court has urged the central government to reply to a plea seeking details about the promotion and implementation of the Electric Vehicle policy along with the Adoption and manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles scheme in India.

The plea was earlier heard by another apex court bench headed by Chief Justice S.A Bobde. According to leading media reports after having a brief look at the plea the jury was very keen to hold a discussion on the Electric vehicle policy with our union transport minister Nitin Gadkari regarding the issues being faced pertaining to the implementation of the electric vehicle policy in the country.

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SC issues notice to Centre in a plea for implementation of electric vehicle policy
SC issues notice to Centre in a plea for implementation of electric vehicle policy

The plea also consisted of names of countries like the Norway, Netherland, Sweden, USA, China where the adoption of Ev’s has turned out to be a success.

In countries like Norway, the purchase and road taxes are levied if a person buys an electric vehicle. while in the US the government provides tax credits on infrastructural investment like charging infrastructure along with consumer tax credits with purchase incentives also.

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Chief Justice S.A Bobde also added an important point on Mr Gadkari’s promise on converting public transport vehicles currently running on petrol and diesel into non-polluting electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

However, the at-present Modi government has been pushing really hard on promoting the use of clean and energy-efficient vehicles and has also introduced a handful of measure which also includes a $1.4 billion plan in order to make India a manufacturing hub for electric vehicles.

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