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6 ways to extend the life of your car’s braking system!

Nothing is as important for you on the road as the safety of your loved ones. In keeping with this, you make sure that your car is serviced on time, you get the brake pads changed and make sure you have good quality tyres.  Just like you keep your car tyres balanced and aligned to prolong their life, there are similar hacks you can employ to make sure that your braking system does not wear soon. So look at some of these simple ways to lengthen the life of the braking system. 

  1. Drive slowly before hitting the brakes

    Night Driving Tips
    Coast before you brake

    Nothing damages your brakes like slamming them suddenly when the car is moving at top speeds. The reason behind this is simple – the higher the kinetic energy, the higher would be the wear. This happens because the brake pads absorb the heat generated in the braking process. So, when you brake at lower speeds, only a small amount of heat is generated. Because of this, there would be a little less wear. And this means fewer brake replacements. Therefore, driving at lower speeds is not only efficient but also protects the brake pads from depreciating faster.

  2. Perfect the art of Engine Braking

    Disc Brakes vs Drum Brakes - Which Braking System is the Best
    The braking system would last longer with engine braking

    Engine Braking helps you gradually bring down the car’s speed without applying the brakes. This enables you to save fuel and protect the brake pads. All you need to do to is master this art. Think ahead – look for traffic bottlenecks, decelerate using Engine Braking to reduce speed and then apply the brakes to come to a halt.

    You can keep on downshifting gradually and reduce speed all the way using Engine Braking. But we suggest you not to do it unless you know how to do rev-matching.

  3. Apply brake with the right foot

    Drive safely inside tunnels
    Practice right foot braking even if you got automatic transmission

    While driving a car with automatic transmission, some people have a habit of keeping their brake slightly pressed with their left foot. If you want your braking system to last longer, you should kick this habit. You should apply the brakes with the right foot as and when required.

    Does your car brakes need replacing? Click Here to read more.

  4. Keep your car light

    Avoid loading your car with unnecessary items, as a heavier vehicle is harder on the brakes as well as the tyres. Remove things that are not useful from the trunk, especially heavier ones, for improved braking and performance.

  5. Change brake fluid periodically
    Car Fluid | Brake Fluid

    The brake fluid has a tendency to attract water. This moisture leads to internal corrosion, which in turn destroys the rubber seals. Also, after repeated braking, the moisture boils and reduces braking effectiveness. Therefore, flush out the brake fluids at suggested time intervals. This would not only extend the life of the internal components of the braking system but can lead to better brake effectiveness as well.

  6. Choose brakes carefully

    Even the expensive brakes don’t last forever. Low-cost brakes wear out even faster. Opt for brakes that meet your needs in terms of safety and performance, and replace it as soon as they wear out.
    8 Warnings Signs That Your Car's Braking System Needs An Overhaul

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  1. My car braking was creating a problem every now and then and I was unable to find out the problem. However, with this information, I can keep my car brake system well-functional. Thanks for this informative blog as I found it to be very useful.


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