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Types Of EV Chargers And Their Charging Speeds – Explained!

EV sales in India are rising and awareness is slowly increasing. The long-term benefits of owning an EV are becoming more transparent every day and people want to make the shift now! Today, let’s talk about the different types of EV chargers that can be found in India, and what charging speeds they can give us!

MG Installs DC Fast Chargers ahead of MG ZS EV launch
MG Installs DC Fast Chargers ahead of MG ZS EV launch
  1. Rapid Chargers (Level 3)

As the name suggests, these are the fastest EV chargers available. They are also known as DC fast chargers that have CCS2 or CHAdeMO connectors. The main reason behind their speed is the fact that these are DC (direct current) plugs. DC chargers can transmit energy extremely rapidly and can charge your car in as less as 45-60 minutes! Since the current flowing in these chargers is super strong, they require highly specialized equipment to function safely. This also means that the installation, maintenance and usage costs for this charger are significantly higer than the others.

MG Installs DC Fast Chargers ahead of MG ZS EV launch

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  1. Fast Chargers (Level 2)

These are the more commonly available chargers, and they can be found in public places like mall parkings. These are used both in commercial and resident settings to chagge up your cars. Commercial ones being like the one’s you’d find at public parking, and residnt ones being the ones hosted directly by the proprietors. The commercial charger uses a 208V AC plug while a resident charger uses a 240V AC plug. These chargers are capable of fully charging an EV in around 2 hours. A resident charger can easily charge your car in just under 2 hours!

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  1. Slow chargers (Level 1)

These are the EV chargers that most Indian EV owners are currently using. These can be simply set up at your home ensuring a comfortable and convenient charging experience. These chargers are the cheapest among all charging methods, but they are also the slowest of all. They use a 120V AC plug which can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. Typically, these chargers take around 8 hours to fully charge your car’s battery. The best way to use them is to put your car on a charge overnight.

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So here were the different types of EV Chargers available! Let us know in the comments if you prefer EVs or an ICE!

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