Before ‘kitna deti hai(what is the mileage)’ became the tagline of MS India, there was a lot to India’s favourite car brand. From people carrier to proper luxurious cars, they had a car for every segment. And I’m not even kidding when I say that at one time they actually used to make cars for the automobile enthusiast. So guys, fasten your seatbelts as we are taking a trip down memory lane and talk about 5 exciting cars Maruti Suzuki used to make.

  1.  Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    Maruti Suzuki Baleno
    Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    There was a time when classy people used to buy a Maruti and the car we are talking about is the Maruti Baleno. Stylish looks coupled along with a  powerful 1600 cc petrol engine, it was the perfect recipe for success. It was replaced by the Suzuki SX4 which was another great car, but nothing can beat the evergreen Baleno. I’m sure it will make you go weak in the knees even you seen it today.

  2. Maruti Esteem

    Maruti Suzuki Esteem
    Maruti Suzuki Esteem

    Often regarded as the first luxury car of India, Maruti Esteem came like a storm and shocked everybody. Maruti Esteem(1000) had a huge fan following and long waiting lists to buy it. The car’s highest power-to-weight ratios in the under two-litre class was a favourite among many rally drivers. In 1994, the Maruti 1000 got a 1300 cc engine and the car was released with the name tag ‘Esteem’.It stayed in production till 2007 and was finally replaced by the Suzuki Dzire.

  3. Suzuki Kizashi

    Suzuki Kazashi
    Suzuki Kizashi

    A fairly tragic story. The Suzuki Kizashi had everything you needed from a car of that segment. Stylish looks, plush interiors and a powerful 2.4-litre engine producing 178 BHP, it was the perfect recipe for success. But we Indians do have an old habit of chucking out good products for stupid reasons. It came as a CBU unit which made it a little costlier than its rivals and eventually led to its failure.

  4. Suzuki Swift(2005)

    Suzuki Swift
    Suzuki Swift

    The Suzuki Swift hit Indian roads in 2005 and totally rocked the minds of Indians. Nobody had ever seen a hatchback so stylish and so exciting. Coupled with both petrol and diesel engines, it was the king of the hatchback segment. 16 years later it still reigns the throne but no model can match the excitement level of the first model.

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  5. Maruti Zen Carbon And Steel

Maruti Zen Carbon/Steel | The 3-Door Zen Twins
Maruti Zen Carbon/Steel | The 3-Door Zen Twins

One of the rarest cars in India, MS rolled out 600 special edition units of their hatchback Zen, namely the Carbon and Steel. The cars were powered by a 1-litre petrol engine producing 60 BHP. The Carbon and Steel model had only 3 doors which gave it a sporty look and this was the only difference from the standard model.

There are no two ways about it. Maruti Suzuki is still the best selling automobile company with the highest sales, best in class mileage and a dense service network. All we wish for is if their cars still had a character and a soul to them. Anyway, there you go guys, 5 exciting cars Maruti Suzuki used to make.

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