The Drive Belt provides the power for the air conditioning, the alternator, the powered steering and also the water pump. We can surely say that the drive belt is a crucial part of a car, and it’s highly imperative that we keep a regular check on its health. Here are 5 signs that might point to a failing Drive Belt in your car!

  1. Faulty Air Conditioning

If your AC has suddenly stopped working, or it is not working as effectively, then maybe the drive belt is damaged. AC is one of the things that it directly powers, so if it fails, it might be a symptom of a broken belt.

3-Zone Air Conditioning System

  1. Squealing Noise from the engine

If you hear a high-pitched squeal from the engine bay every time you start up your car, check the drive belt! It might either be broken or it might be rubbing against its chamber. In any case, bring your car over to a nearby GoMechanic workshop, and we’ll fix it up in a jiffy!

The Engine bay


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  1. Engine Overheating

The drive belt also powers the water pump of your car, which keeps the engine cool. If your engine overheats, it is possible that the belt has been damaged or it is broken. Engine overheating is a serious issue, if this happens, please consult GoMechanic ASAP!

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  1. Visible Damage on the Drive Belt

Okay, we know this is very self-explanatory, but hear us out. By stating this point, we want you to keep a regular check on the physical condition of internal parts. Having some knowledge of the health of these parts will always come in hand.

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  1. Faulty Powered Steering

While driving, if you feel like the powered steering is not functioning properly, get the drive belt checked. The steering is powered by it and it is one of the first things that will be affected.

Power Steering Control Dashboard Warning Light
Power Steering Control Dashboard Warning Light

If you can see these signs on your car, head over to us and get the best deals on a new drive belt. GoMechanic has a massive range of self-sourced spares which will cover all your needs!

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