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10 Forgotten Bikes In India: From Yezdi to Mini Bullet

From Royal Enfield Bullet to Yamaha R15, bikes have been ruling the Indian roads from a very long time. But there are few forgotten bikes that once used to roam on the streets of India. Let’s have a look at 10 such bikes.

  1. Royal Enfield Mini Bullet | For The Weaker Ones

    Royal Enfield Mini Bullet | Forgotten Bikes In India
    Royal Enfield Mini Bullet | Rare Bikes In India

    Bullet has been a household name in India, especially in the states of Punjab and Haryana. You can find a Bullet 350 at every second corner in the country. But due to its weight, not everyone is able to drive it easily. This is when the company came up with the Mini Bullet which was a miniature version of the heavy bike. It was powered by a 200cc engine and can be seen to have shed a lot of weight (Only if I could do so too).

  2. Rajdoot GTS | The Bobby Movie Highlight

    Rajdoot GTS | The Bobby Movie Bike
    Rajdoot GTS | The Bobby Movie Bike | Rare Bikes In India

    Yes, the famous Rajdoot had a sibling, rather a mini version. It was the bike which introduced the mini-bike concept to India and not the Honda Navi (Sorry Navi!). GTS was powered by the 175cc two-stroke engine that powered the regular Rajdoot. It gained decent popularity when it was featured in the Bobby movie.

  3. Royal Enfield Explorer | The Smallest Enfield Till Date

    Royal Enfield Explorer | Forgotten Bikes In India
    Royal Enfield Explorer | Forgotten Bikes In India

    The RE had a brief collaboration with the German bike maker Zundapp, during which Explorer was built. The bike came powered with a 50cc 2-stroke air-cooled engine which was paired to a 3-speed manual gearbox.

  4. Yezdi 350 | The Dual Exhaust King

    Jawa Yezdi 350
    Jawa Yezdi 350 | Rare Bikes In India

    Jawa tried to compete against the Yamaha RD350 with it’s Yezdi 350. The two-stroke parallel twin petrol engine used to churn out 21hp which is really good for a bike. But this was not enough to rival against the RD350.

  5. Hero-BMW Funduro 650 | Maruti Esteem Rival

    Hero-BMW Funduro 650
    Hero-BMW Funduro 650 | Rare Bikes In India

    Yes, it was a Maruti Esteem rival because of its price. Back in 1996, it was priced at a luxurious ₹5 lakhs which the buyers were not ready to spend on a bike which could churn out a massive power of 48hp. It was India’s first adventure bike which was sold by Hero. The all sporty looks, dual disc brakes, 652 cc engine, 57Nm torque and many other features were not able to justify the hefty price tag it came with.

  6. Bajaj SX Enduro | Kawasaki RTZ100 On-Road Version

    Bajaj SX Enduro
    Bajaj SX Enduro | Forgotten Bikes of India

    The company used to sell Kawasaki RTZ100 whose on-road version was the SX Enduro. The more powered 100cc engine was not able to complement the off-road styling of the bike. It was a hard-to-sell bike by Bajaj that is forgotten.

  7. Royal Enfield Fury | Another One

    RE Fury | Forgotten Bikes In India
    RE Fury | Forgotten Bikes In India

    Fury is the third RE to feature in this list because of the fact that you won’t remember this one too. The short-lived collaboration with Zundapp resulted in the making of Fury. It came powered with a 163cc two-stroke engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox and competed with the Yamaha RX100. It had hydraulic disc brake and a chrome cylindrical exhaust.

  8. LML Graptor | The Flagship LML

    LML Graptor
    LML Graptor | Rare Bikes In India

    Lohia Machinery Ltd. or the LML launched its flagship motorcycle, the Graptor to compete against the Bajaj Pulsar. The bike was powered by a 150cc four-stroke engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission which used to churn out 13.4hp of power and a peak torque of 12.8Nm. But the bizarre looks were the cause of the bike failure.

  9. Bajaj Boxer 150 

    Bajaj Boxer 150
    Bajaj Boxer 150 | Rare Bikes In India

    This bike was made for the African markets by Bajaj. The company tried to bring it to the rural markets of India but was not successful. It is to date the best Boxer branded bike Bajaj has offered.

  10. Suzuki Bandit 1250S | The Real Gangsta

    Suzuki Bandit 1250S
    Suzuki Bandit 1250S | Rare Bikes In India

    The Japenese automaker, Suzuki has been a prominent manufacturer of sports bikes such as Hayabusa and GSX-R1000. The hefty price tag of 8.5 lakhs in 2001 was the main reason for short innings of the bike in India. The 1255cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder engine churned out a power close to 98hp. Bandit had a good ergonomics which made it a fantastic tourer but the segment was not at its peak at that time and was only famous in the Dhoom movie series.

Did we miss any bike? Do comment down your personal favourite in the section below.

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    • Yes, indeed! The two-stroke bike from the collaboration of TVS and Suzuki was the first-ever 100cc bike in India. It was successful in the beginning but had to bow down to the Yamaha RX100 later.

  1. RE Silver Plus, Suvega, Vijay Super, Alwyn Pushpak, Suraj-Diesel, Beat 125RTZ, Kawadaki-Bajaj Eliminate, Yamaha YD125.Jawa etc.

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