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10 Most Googled Questions About Engine Oil, Answered!

A car’s engine is one complex machine. Whereas, the engine oil is one small but important aspect of that machine.

While most of us know that the vehicle we drive, needs an engine oil top-up from time to time, there remain certain questions to be answered.

What exactly is the engine oil used for? How important is it? What should you look for in engine oil?

It is one important part of your engine’s health and efficiency. So, if and when you are choosing one for your car, you have got to be sure about it. But, how to know about it?

Well, you aren’t the only one in this predicament. Many others have the same set of questions. Let’s find out some of the most asked questions on Google around your car’s engine oil and answer them.

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  1. What is the oil used for in an engine?

    Car Engine Oil
    Car Engine Oil\

    An engine comprises many components and parts that make your car run smoothly and without any hiccups. In order to ensure that smoothness (literally and metaphorically), the engine oil plays a big role.

    Proper lubrication of your engine ensures a smoother operation, hence improving your car’s mileage and longevity of the engine.

  2. How many types of engine oil are there?

    Engine oil types
    Engine oil types

    There are currently four different kinds of engine oil suitable for your vehicle.

    Starting with the first one- mineral oil. Mineral engine oil is formulated in a large variety of quality grades. These are recommended for regular engines with simple driving styles. Mineral oil is considered to be the basis for the other categories of engine oils. It is also significantly chapter than the other variants.

    Semi-synthetic engine oil is the second variant of engine oils. It offers the affordability of mineral engine oils and performance-oriented characteristics of synthetic engine oil.

    Lastly, synthetic engine oil is the epitome of engine oil performance and quality. The synthetic engine oil is usually highly refined and has a degree of consistency to give an efficient performance to your car’s engine.

  3. Which grade of oil should I use?

    Know your engine oil
    Know your engine oil

    Deciding an engine oil can sometimes become a daunting task. However, car manufacturers usually cover it. Your car manufacturer mentions the type of engine oil that is used in the car, usually in the owner’s manual.

    Always prefer using engine oil which is recommended by your manufacturer.

  4. Can I just add car oil in my car instead of changing it?

    Engine Oil Top-up
    Engine Oil Top-up

    Adding more engine oil to the existing engine oil instead of replacing it might seem like an economical thing to do. However, it isn’t.

    During the course of time, the engine oil accumulates a lot of dirt and byproducts of the combustion process which makes it thick and sludge-like. Adding more engine oil instead of replacing it eventually impacts the oil filter.

    So, the dirtier your oil becomes, the more sludge-like it gets, the harder it is for the oil to lubricate the parts of the engine.

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  5. What are the signs of low engine oil?

    Engine Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
    Engine Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light

    The most obvious and primary sign of low engine oil is the engine light on the dashboard. Never ignore the occurrence of this very sign on your dashboard.

    In case you smell a burning oil smell, take a thorough look and check your car. Adding on to the list of symptoms denoting low engine oil are overheating engine, strange noises, weaker performance to name some.

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  6. How often should I replace my car’s engine oil?

    The correct time to change your engine oil?
    The correct time to change your engine oil?

    The change and replacement of a car’s engine oil can vary according to different driving styles, routines and conditions. However, it is recommended to have a look at your car’s engine oil and replace it twice a year.

    Moreover, replacing your car’s engine oil at the 7,500-10,000 kilometres mark actually makes sense.

  7.  Will my car run better after an oil change?

    Engine Temperature Warning Light
    Engine Temperature Warning Light

    The answer is, yes. One actually sees a list of noticeable benefits after getting an oil change. Regular oil change improves your car’s overall performance and lubricates your car’s engine judiciously.

  8. Does oil go bad if you don’t drive for long?

    Doe engine oil go bad?
    Doe engine oil go bad?

    Engine oil tends to deteriorate over a period of time. The viscosity of engine oil is one of the most important features to ascertain its quality. The long the engine oil sits in your engine, the less viscous it becomes.

    Hence, it is always recommended to get routine oil changes done for your engine.

  9. What should engine oil look like after oil change?

    Engine Oil Check - Basic Car DIYs
    Engine Oil Check – Basic Car DIYs

    The new engine oil after the oil change should look smooth, glossy and somewhat transparent. New and fresh engine oil is usually amber in colour.

    As a rule of thumb, always remember that the darker and thicker the oil gets, the older it is.

  10. Will a car start without engine oil?

    Will it start?
    Will it start?

    Low or no level of oil can cause a car’s engine to seize. Hence, low levels of engine oil can damage an engine quite badly.


Car engine oil is one of the most important aspects of your car’s health. Hence, no matter what happens one should always be aware of the smallest details regarding oil to maintain a healthy and efficient engine. We hope that was ‘oilsome’.

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