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Got A Lot Of Chrome On Your Car? Do This For Eternal Shine

With chrome inserts being an integral part of the exterior feature pack, maintaining it all can be quite a task. But fret not for we are here to tell you what to do for getting that eternal shine.

  1. Clean The Surface

    Car Accessories For Winter - Microfiber Cloth

    The first step to make your chrome as good as new is by cleaning the chrome’s surface. And the best way to do that is by using a microfiber cloth and some warm soapy water. And since chrome garnish is a special add-on that makes your vehicle look stunning, we recommend that you clean it separately from your vehicle so that it gets the attention it deserves. Start by dipping the cloth in water and then drying the cloth off to ensure there isn’t any excess soap left on the cloth. After that, start rubbing the cloth gently in circular motions all around the chrome garnish. In case you notice deep stains that are not getting off by the cloth, use a more abrasive cloth to get those sorted. If you find strong tar deposits on your chrome, use chemicals like WD-40 and use a microfiber cloth to wipe them away. Use a sponge if you need extra power.

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  2. Use A Polish

    Exterior Polish | Tips for Holi
    Exterior Polish

    Despite thorough cleaning of your chrome garnish, if you feel that the chrome is looking scratched, visibly marked, faded or dull, then metal polish can be your way out. Coming from a variety of brands, make sure you pick a metal polish that suits your budget. Once you’ve got your weapons ready here’s what to do. Get two dry microfiber cloths. Then apply a bit of the metal polish on one cloth and rub it onto the chrome with a bit of pressure. Once done, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then use the other microfiber cloth to wipe off the remaining polish while rubbing in a circular motion to evenly spread out the polish onto the chrome. Once you are done, you will notice a significant difference in the shine of the chrome. You can even purchase a small polisher if you want the best results and near-to-perfect results. With a mini polisher by your side, you can get a smoother finish.

  3. Seal of the Polish

    While the metal polish is a great tool to bring back that lost shine, it doesn’t however protect the chrome for a lot of time. But there’s a way around it, and this is where a sealant comes in. In order to make your chrome look shiny for a long, seal the polish with a sealant. Polish sealants are the same as paint sealants. With a layer of sealant on top, your newly polished chrome garnish will look shiner for a long and will be durable enough to take on some harsh conditions

    These were 3 easy steps to clean your car’s chrome garnish. Stay pinned for part 2 of this article where we will share with you tips to maintain your car’s chrome.

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