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MG Hector Plus vs Toyota Innova Crysta

As a brand that has recently debuted in the Indian Automotive Industry, it was crucial for Morris Garages to strongly take on the sizeable SUV/MUV segment. As a result, the British automaker launched its 4th offering in India; the MG Hector Plus. An upgraded version of its already popular SUV; the MG Hector, the Hector Plus is the automaker’s first vehicle line-up that is available both in a 7 as well as a 6 seater variant.

But even with a promising package that brings in superb designing, top-notch features, tough built and capable engines, the MG Hector Plus’s faces cut-throat competition from the veteran Innova Crysta. A vehicle that has ruled the hearts of millions over the years. And with a new MUV in the market, it is time that we pitch the MG Hector Plus up against the Toyota Innova Crysta.

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The Price Spectrum

Toyota Innova Crysta | Facelift
Toyota Innova Crysta | Facelift

This is probably the last thing you’ll find in most of the comparisons on the internet. But I strongly believe that pricing is a crucial aspect that can never be ignored when you decide which vehicle to bring home. And despite the fact that the MG Hector Plus’s and Toyota Innova Crysta are top contenders in the segment, their price spectrum is a figure that largely determines sales figures. Thus comparing Hector Plus with the Innova Crysta here is what you’ll have to shell out.


MG Hector Plus Toyota Innova Crysta
Prices (ex-showroom) Rs 13.34 to Rs. 19.12 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi) Rs 16.26 to Rs. 24.33 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

The Hector Plus in its 6 seater avatar is available in three variants: Super, Smart and Sharp while the 7-seater Hector Plus comes in four: Style, Super, Smart and Select. Depending upon which variant you pick the Hector Plus ranges from Rs. 13.34 to Rs. 19.12 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi). The Innova on the other hand is available in three major variants: GX, VX and ZX with prices ranging between Rs 16.26 to Rs. 24.33 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi).

I must say that MG has done a superb job pricing the Hector Plus, making it easily lock horns with the Innova Crysta. In fact, the price range of the Hector Plus actually poses a threat to Crysta’s long-running reign over the MUV segment.

MG Hector Plus
The MG Hector Plus

Dimensions and Practicality

Toyota Innova Crysta BS6 Bookings Open | Launching Soon
Toyota Innova Crysta BS6 Bookings Open | Launching Soon

While dimension may not be an important factor for a majority of buyers, I still believe that it plays an integral role, especially in metropolitans like Delhi. This is why we have pitched the MG Hector Plus with the Toyota Innova Crysta in terms of dimensions and practicality.


MG Hector Plus Toyota Innova Crysta
Length (mm) 4720 4735
Width (mm) 1835 1830
Height (mm) 1760 1795
Wheelbase (mm) 2750 2750
Boot Space (litre) 155 litres 300 litres
Ground Clearance(mm) 196 178
Seating Capacity 6 and 7 seater 7 and 8 seater

Despite having an identical wheelbase, the Crysta is lengthier by 15mm and taller by 35 mm, making it bigger than the Hector Plus in overall road presence. The Crysta also comes with an 8- seater (2+3+3) variant in addition to the 7 seaters (2+2+3) option along with a bigger boot measuring 300 litres; almost double what the Hector Plus offers.
So if you are someone who is in for maximum practicality, the Evergreen Toyota Innova Crysta is a clear winner. But if you happened to be a fan of captain seats and higher ground clearance, the Hector Plus will be your jam.

Toyota Innova Touring Sport | Engine
The Innova’s Capable Engine // Image only for representation purposes

The Power Game

No vehicle can truly be completed without an engine that is not only efficient but also adequately powerful. And when it comes to sizeable MUVs, the engine surely takes the centre stage. After all, powering a MUV is not a childish task, only a correct balance of torque, efficiency and power can actually make the vehicle shine amidst the intense competition.

Engine specs (Petrol)

MG Hector Plus Toyota Innova Crysta
Engine Type Turbo Petrol Turbo Petrol 48 V Mild Hybrid NA Petrol
Displacement 1.5L 1.5L 2.7L
Maximum Power 143PS 143PS 166PS
Peak Torque 250Nm 250Nm 245Nm @ 4000rpm
Manual Transmission 6-speed 6-speed 5-speed
Manual FE 14.03 Kmpl 14.03kmpl 11.25kmpl
Automatic Transmission 6-speed DCT N/A 6-speed torque converter
Automatic FE 11.67kmpl 10.75kmpl

As evident, Toyota Innova Crysta brings in the manufacturer’s larger 2.7-litre petrol burner that is obviously more powerful than what the MG Hector Plus offers. However, when it comes to a punch of torque, the Hector Plus’s smaller 1.5-litre burner offers more torque than the Innova’s bigger petrol unit. With that said, it must also be noted that the Hector Plus also offers a 48 V Mild Hybrid system which the Innova completely misses.

Engine specs (Diesel)

MG Hector Plus Toyota Innova Crysta
Engine Type Diesel Diesel
Displacement 2.0L 2.4L
Maximum Power 170PS 150PS
Peak Torque 350Nm 343Nm
Manual Transmission 6-speed 5-speed
Manual Claimed FE 16.56kmpl 13.68kmpl
Automatic Transmission 6-speed torque converter
Automatic Claimed FE 13.68kmpl

Well, things are quite different in the diesel game. Even though the Crysta comes with a bigger 2.4-litre diesel engine with an added advantage of a 6-speed torque converter, the smaller 2.0-litre diesel engine on board the Hector Plus is not only more powerful but also offers more torque and a better fuel economy. Despite missing an automatic transmission option, the MG Hector Plus is still a clear winner when it comes to diesel capabilities if you happened to be a fan of the manual transmission.

MG Hector Plus Interior
MG Hector Plus Interior

Features and Safety | Who takes the lead?

From sunroofs to infotainment systems, each consumer has their own liking. And things tend to get a little spicier when a MUV is in question. But that’s not all; every driving experience becomes exceptional, only when the vehicle you are riding guarantees maximum safety during accidents and other miss happenings. Perhaps this is the reason why safety norms across the globe are becoming more and more stringent. So here’s how Hector Plus pitches against the Crysta.

Key Features of the MG Hector Plus

2nd Row Captain Seats with Slide, Recline and Individual armrest, LED Headlamp & LED DRL w/ Floating Light Turn Indicators, Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof, 6-way Power Adjustable Driver Seat, 4-way power-adjustable front passenger seat, 10.4-inch Touchscreen w/ 8 Speaker System By Infinity, 360 Degree Camera View, Powered Tailgate, All 4 Disc Brakes, 7-inch Coloured MID, Heated outside mirrors, 3rd row 50:50 split-folding backrest, 3rd row AC vents with separate fan speed control etc.

Key Features of the Toyota Innova Crysta

2nd Row Captain Seats with Slide, Recline and Individual armrest, LED projector headlamps, Side & curtain airbags, R17 alloy wheels, Touchscreen Audio System, Rear AC Auto Cooler w/ digital display, Leather seats, One-touch tumble second-row seats, Push start button w/ smart key, Ambient lighting, Eco & power drive modes etc.

No wonder that both these MUVs bring in a majority of features onboard. But talking about the MG Hector Plus, it shines over the Innova Crysta in terms of features like bigger 10.4-inch touch infotainment with 8 speaker infinity sound system, 360-degree camera view, dual-tone panoramic sunroof, front parking sensors, 3rd row AC and much more.

Toyota Innova Crash Test Rating
Toyota Innova Crash Test Rating

Safety Features

MG Hector Plus Toyota Innova Crysta
Airbags Up to 6 Airbags Up to 7 Airbags
ABS with EBD Yes Yes
Rear Parking Sensors Yes Yes
Rearview camera Yes Yes
Front Parking Sensor Yes No
360-degree camera Yes No
Heated ORVMs Yes No
Hill Hold Control Yes Yes
All-wheel disc brakes Yes No

Coming to the safety department both the Hector Plus and the Innova, are well equipped with essential safety equipment and features. But with that said, the MG Hector Plus beats the Toyota Innova through its top-notch safety inclusions that include all 4 disc brakes, heated ORVMs, 360-degree camera, front parking sensor etc.

So this was the head-on comparison of the MG Hector Plus and the Toyota Innova Crysta. Both vehicles are the best in their game and bring in a lot of offerings for a price that is competitive and justified. Which vehicle makes its way to your garage is totally your choice. But with that said, the MG Hector Plus seems to bring in a lot of value for a newbie.

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