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8 common problems with the Hyundai Grand i10

The Grand i10 is an iconic vehicle that dominates the hatchback segment. Launched in 2013, as an upgrade over the Hyundai i10, the Grand i10 has since then reached millions of happy homes.

In its entire legacy of over 8 years, the Grand i10 has and continues to represent a package that brings together good looks, capable engines, and an affordable deal. But since nothing is perfect in this commercial world, even a vehicle as popular is the Hyundai Grand i10 has its flaws. If you’ve begun to wonder what they are, then read on to find out more.

  1. Issues with Clutch

    Half Clutch Driving
    Issues with clutch pads

    A common problem for all aged Hyundai vehicles, the Hyundai Grand i10 also suffers from issues with the clutch system and its unusually faster wear and tear. Quite often, the trouble maker is none other than the Clutch Pad. Keeping the clutch fully pressed while breaking the clutch pads on board the Grand i10 tends to rapidly deplete and undergo unusually excessive wear and tear.

    The dreaded issue isn’t just limited to the clutch pad but also ropes in the clutch cables and other miscellaneous parts of the clutch system. In fact, the problem is so grave that some owners of the Grand i10 have commonly reported the clutch system giving up as early as 10-15,000 kilometres.

  2. Issues with headlight adjustment

    Hyundai Grand i10: 2014
    Hyundai Grand i10

    Be it day or night, the Indian roads are full of lakhs of Grand i10s. But when it comes to night driving, headlight adjustment is a crucial feature that helps the driver cruise smoothly during the night and in conditions where there is little or no light on the road.

    However, when it comes to the old generation (2015-2018) Grand i10s, headlight adjustment is a common issue. As reported by several Grand i10 owners, the vehicle’s headlight adjustor switch can easily become faulty leading to headlights becoming non-adjustable. Be it the cheap plastic used to make the switch body, or its uneven placement, issues with headlight adjustment is a common issue with the Grand i10.

  3. Problems engaging reverse gear

    Gear Knob
    Gear Knob | Image for representation purpose only

    While having a troublesome experience engaging the reverse gear might seem like a common problem on a cold start. This problematic issue seems to randomly occur most of the time in the Grand i10.

    When this happens, it becomes a pain engaging the reverse gear which most of the time fails to properly engage and in rare situations doesn’t engage at all. With Hyundai having no possible explanation about the issue, overcoming it can be done by trying to re-engage the reverse gear 2-3 times.

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  4. Issues with braking

    Hyundai Grand i10 Interiors

    Another major issue that haunts several Grand i10 drivers is the issue with the braking system; specifically the rear brake pad.  This is because the sticking of rear brake pads is a common complaint from several Hyundai Grand i10 owners.

    While the Grand i10 does quite well in terms of brake disc’s wear and tear, the case isn’t the same when it comes to brake pads, especially the rear one. A failure of brake pads can turn out to be extremely dangerous when on high speeds and on highways. Thus regular servicing is a must when you own a Grand i10

  5. Faulty AC

    Hyundai Grand i10 AC Vent

    As any vehicle begins to clock high digits on the odometer, key components are known to slowly take a toll. But when it comes to the AC units onboard Hyundai Grand i10s the process isn’t as slow as it should be. Maybe this is the reason why AC units on the Grand i10s are known to have problems in cooling, heating and even with the AC flow.

    From damaged condenser unit and clogged pipes to defective sponge filters there could be several culprits behind this problem. But since a majority of parts that lead to a failure of AC units cannot be replaced, it is best that the AC units are serviced before every season.

  6. Steering Motor Issues

    Hyundai Grand i10 Steering

    Based on several reports given by owners, Grand i10s have a tendency to develop steering motor issues. Based on common complaints, the steering wheel on board the Grand i10 tends to randomly and repeatedly becomes unnaturally light/heavy for a brief period, and then going back to normal. The primary cause of this problem is a faulty EPS Motor which costs anywhere around 10k rupees to repair.

  7. Suspension Noise

    2017 Honda City Rear Suspension
    Faulty Suspension | Image for representation only

    Yet another common problem to look out for, noisy and faulty suspensions set up can really ruin your driving experience. And with aged Grand i10s, a noisy and stiffer suspension seems to be a regular thing.

    Usually, this problem can be diagnosed early on, as any Grand i10 with suspension issues tend to perform pathetically over bumps, and tends to make squeaking noises and heavy jerks.

  8. Rusty Exhaust

    Common Car Noises
    Rusty Exhaust: A problem that haunts many Grand i10 owners | Image for representation only

    Last but not the least, Grand i10’s exhaust system is a rust magnet. Over the years, the Grand i10 tends to develop a lot of rust over the exhaust that might become a cause of concern if ignored. A simple way to avoid this issue is to get an anti-rust coating for the exhaust.

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Sankul Nagpal
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  1. Very accurate article… Can confirm most of these issues and this guy pointing these out is now making me want to change my car

  2. I bought an i10 grand 2 years and 4 months ago. The rims have begun to rust and the car is not even 3 years old. I took it in to Hyundai for assessing. Car is supposed to be under 5 years warranty. Still waiting for Hyundai to get back to me.

    • Do you live in a coastal area? Rim rusting, especially which has a wheel cap is pretty common in India. It is unlikely that Hyundai will honour such claim. We can help you with restoring your rims to factory tho!

    • Unfortunately, these problems are faced by thousands of users like you. But fret not, book your car service on the GoMechanic App and we will do our best to solve the issues.

  3. I just gone through all problems faced by customers in Grand I 10. My question is when Hyundai launched new model Grand i10 Neos, why all these issues not addressed. I am going to purchase this model in next few months & worried as either switch to other brand or Hyundai reply me why I should go for Grand I 10 Neos. Thanks & eagerly awaiting response from Hyundai.

    • Hello Mr. S S Dhall! If you are apprehensive about going ahead with the new i10 NIOS, then there are a lot of other options in the market that you can explore. Some worthy competitors are Maruti Swift, Ignis, and Tata Punch. You can even explore cars like the Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger.

  4. My 2019 Grand I10 has serious problems with the reverse gear. Can Hyundai please sort this out, because my is my work.
    If I lose it I don’t have a work.

  5. Very true to facts kind of article but, Gomechanic hasn’t informed hw they will clear these issues. I have a 2014 Grand i10 model and have issues of clutch & suspension, any specific corrective actions that Gomechanic can help with?

    • Hey Vinit
      The solutions to these problems can vary depending upon the cars. For the exact inspection, we always recommend the customer to walkin or get their car picked up for our expert diagnostics

  6. I had hard clutch issue too. It was from a day one i purchased the car. Had complained a lot during 2 years of services at Hyundai Service Centre, but they said this is perfect.

    Due to this problem, i got vibration issue. My tyre alignment were getting bed too early, heavy steering issue & a lot pain at my left leg knee.

    Then out ot curiosity, i got checked my clutch issue with one local garage mechanic & he replaced clutch cable with new genuine clutch. All problem are disappeared now.

    This simple solution was not provided by Hyundai Service guys. My milage alos increased now.

  7. Hi I have an issue with my Grand i10 it’s a 2014 model, now at 252999 KMs.

    1. The car oil level keeps dropping, within 15000KMs I’d use up the whole 5L of oil and a pine. Before it wasn’t like that. Just started after 230000KMs. The oil I use is Shell Helix 5W40. What could cause this and what can I do to repair it without doing an engine overhaul ?

    2.The other issue is Radio Bluetooth only plays music but not phone calls(no voice and not ringing at all- but it displays that your on a call) tried different phones iOS and Android no luck. What could be the issue and solution

    • Hey Tshepo,

      First of all, congratulations on clocking 2.5L+ km on your Hyundai Grand i10.
      For your first issue, we suggest you get the engine thoroughly inspected at your nearest garage. 2.5L km is a lot, and I am sure something might be causing the oil loss. It is better you get a visual and mechanical inspection of your i10 engine.

      For the second issue, you might wanna tweak the settings on your phone and/or explore the audio and Bluetooth settings on the car audio system.

  8. Hi, I have a 2018 Grand i10 model and it stopped locking itself (doors) when I drive as it used to. I took it for a service and dealership said they don’t see any cause of this. They said there is not wiring issue in the car.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hey Lewthu! There may be a calibration issue with the sensors, you can drive up to a nearby GoMechanic workshop and we’ll help you out!

    • Hi, to better understand the issue, we will suggest you take your car to your nearest GoMechanic Workshop, where our dedicated team of professionals will help you resolve all your car issues.


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