Talking about car features, carmakers are updating them every now and then. In this world of features and advanced car tech, we are getting many features in new cars which are making our life easy. Be it voice control or automatic climate control, we are getting many new features. But is it like in the search of gold, we lost the diamond? In today’s featured, we are going to have a look at 5 unique car features that have disappeared over time.

  1. Cigarette Lighter

    unique car features
    car cigarette lighter

    Starting our list with the cigarette lighter. Remember those days when cars came equipped with cigarette lighters? Well, gone are those days! Nowadays cars come equipped with a socket where you can get the lighter retrofitted but they lack the heating element. Considering the increasing tech, automakers are focusing more on tech like charging ports because people carry gadgets more than cigarettes nowadays which is why automakers have shifted from lighters to charging sockets.

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  2. Ash Tray

    Ash Tray
    Ash Tray

    Well, now that we have already got rid of cigarette lighters, do you think we needed ashtrays anymore? Just like the era of cigarette lighters ended, ashtrays ended too. Ashtrays are also a thing of the past era. No cars of the present times have got ashtrays. This may look beneficial to some who don’t smoke as they get somewhat additional storage space but for those who still smoke, they don’t get a secure place to store their ashes.

  3. Coat Hangers

    Unique car features
    coat hanger

    This one was a useful feature for real. We don’t know why automakers have started skipping this feature while they are manufacturing cars. We are still figuring out why coat hangers are becoming a thing of the past. People still carry coats and still commute in their cars for formal purposes. We think that automakers should surely reconsider their decision of putting in coat hangers in lesser amounts of cars than they used to do earlier. However, if your car doesn’t have a hanger like this, you can surely go for a bigger and better one that sits near the headrest of your seat.

  4. Single DIN Stereos

    Unique car features
    Single Din Stereos

    Another unique car feature that has almost disappeared nowadays, single DIN stereos have also been discontinued. All of us know that cars come with huge screens nowadays and those who don’t get retrofitted with huge screens anyways! Single DIN stereos are a thing of the past. But are they gone for good? What do you think? Would you prefer those single DIN stereos with dials and remote controls over these huge screens that are being incorporated into cars nowadays?

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  5. Manual Windows

    Unique car features
    Manual Windows

    Another feature that was not so unique in the past. While Maruti Suzuki still continues to give all manual windows in the base variants, other brands have already given up on manual windows. Most of you would say that power windows are better than manual windows but is the electronic dependence justified? Have you ever experienced a malfunctioning power window or one that doesn’t work at all? Just give it a thought and decide!

  6. Automatic Antenna

    Hyundai Accent Viva | Forgotten Hyundai Cars in India
    Hyundai Accent Viva | Forgotten Hyundai Cars in India

    Remember this sedan? Remember that dope antenna it used to carry? The present sedans and cars have got sharkfin antenna but sedans from the past like the Hyundai Accent and Maruti Suzuki Baleno used to have an automatic antenna which used to rise from above the boot. Believe me it looked real dope!

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These were the 5 unique car features from the past that have now disappeared or are on the verge of extinction. Do let us know in the comments section about your favourite car feature from the past that doesn’t exist anymore and why would you like to have it back!

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