With smartphones dominating almost every aspect of your lives, it is not shocking that they are now an integral part of our day. And with each manufacturer offering connected car technology onboard their vehicles, even our cars are now connected with our smartphones. And if you are wondering how this exceptional technology developed, here’s the history of connected car technology.

What is a Connected Car?

GM's Connected Car Technology
Connected Car Technology

In simple terms, a connected vehicle is a vehicle that is equipped with wireless networks onboard that can link with nearby electronic devices such as phones, laptops etc. For many, a connected vehicle can also be defined as a sophisticated system of Internet of Things (IoT).

Having a connected vehicle by your side, you will be able to send, receive and access data as well as communicate it to devices around. This allows your connected car to stay updated with real-time data as to what is going on while you drive. With connected car technology, features like remote control lock/unlock, geo-fencing, tyre pressure updates etc. can all be accessed remotely.

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History of Connected Car Technology

Why Connected Car Technology is Dope and your next car will have one!
Hyundai’s BlueLink at Work

The history of connected car technology can be traced back to 1996 when General Motors debuted its connected car tech platform “OnStar” as a dealer-installed device, onboard the Cadillacs. This was one of the industry’s first built-in-telematics systems. More than data, OnStar also notified the user if a crash occurred and acted as an added security system.

Later in 1998, premium automaker BMW followed the revolution and launched BMW Telematics under which the driver’s telephone was used to establish a connection. This telematics service offered the driver up-to-date traffic information and an emergency call facility.

As time elapsed, the technology not only developed but also evolved. More and more features were added, making car telematics smarter and better. In 2004, BMW launched its smart telematics system that came with a built-in SIM card that allowed users to access weather, news and entertainment services.

With Sim card inbuilt, the technology further developed with brands like Audi, offering high-speed internet connectivity with LTE integration and enhanced connectivity that can be connected to as many as 8 devices. And finally, with premium automakers like Mercedes and Volvo joining the league, connected car technology reached its pinnacle with features like remote car controls, geo-fencing, vehicle management system etc.

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The Bottom Line

Connected Car Tech
Honda’s Connected Car Tech

With technology advancing each day, connected car technology is now part of all modern-day vehicles. With drool-worthy features such as panic notifications, crash notifications, vehicle tracking, remote lock/unlock, remote start and much more, connected car tech is a feature that is now considered a USP. Platforms like Hyundai’s Blue Link, Ford’s Ford Connect, Tata’s iRA etc. are now an integral part of the brand identity itself.

So this was everything about the history of connected car tech. Stay Tuned to the GoMechanic Blog for everything automotive.

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