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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Honda City Hybrid Confirmed for 2022

A year after the 10th generation Honda City, Honda is planning to introduce the Honda City Hybrid in India. The hybrid version of the Honda city is already available around the world and was launched in Malaysia in March. Rajesh Goel, Senior Vice President, Honda Cars India, has confirmed that the Honda City Hybrid launch in India will be between April 2022 and March 2023.

  1. Fuel Efficiency
    Honda City Hybird set for India launch in FY23 after Covid-led delays

    The Honda City Hybrid is known for its fuel efficiency. Armed with a Petrol engine and two electric motors, the car provides up to 27.7 kmpl in Malaysia and 27.8 kmpl in Thailand based on local testing conditions. In India, it could come with a 17-19kmpl fuel efficiency based on real-world fuel economy.

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  2. Powertrains

    Honda City hybrid price announcement next year | Autocar India

    In Malaysia, the car comes with an intelligent multi-drive mode (IMDM) powered by a 1.5-litre Atkinson-cycle DOHC i-VTEC four-cylinder engine that acts as a generator and two motors that act as starters.  The petrol engine produces around 98hp and has a torque of 127 Nm. The Motors produce an additional 109 hp, however, Honda has not released any official figures on the combined power.

    The Hybrid Honda City only comes with an e-CVT transmission and no manual options will be available. This will further increase fuel efficiency.

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  3. Quicker than the petrol version

    The Hybrid system makes the car quicker. Honda claims that the motors can help the car reach a speed of 100kmph from a standstill position in a matter of 9.9 secs. The petrol engine takes up to 10.2 seconds to achieve this.

  4. Modifications to the design

    Honda has had to make changes to the design to compensate for the extra motors. The battery is mounted at the back of the car and the extra wheel as well as 96litres of the trunk space is gone. The car weight is also significantly heavier due to the weight of the motors and batters.Recommended: 10 Upcoming Sedans in 2021 | Honda City Hybrid To Skoda Rapid

    We expect the Honda City Hybrid to come at a premium price. The markup will be high considering the new features provided and the car may cross the 20 lakh mark.

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