The 1990s era saw the dawn of the automobile industry in India. With the advent came in automakers from across the globe. The company came to India when Maruti Suzuki had a monopoly over the market from more than a decade. Carmakers like Premier and Hindustan Motors were becoming outdated. Tata and Mahindra were more into commercial vehicles at that time. The first-ever car from Hyundai was the Santro, which was introduced in 1998. A storm had arrived. Hyundai is now the second-largest car manufacturer in India while first in the export numbers. Hyundai Getz is a part of the legacy of the company. Let’s explore the hatchback.

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2004 – Hyundai Getz | The Global Ride Is Here

Hyundai Getz
Hyundai Getz

Hyundai launched a 5-door hatchback in 2004 named Getz. At that time, you would have had to spend around ₹4.5lakhs only to buy one. It was put up against the likes of Maruti Suzuki WagonR and Alto. Amongst the hatches, Getz was the most powerful and feature-packed one. Have a look.

A Simple Comparison

Specs Hyundai Getz Maruti Suzuki WagonR(2004) Maruti Suzuki Alto(2004)
Engine 1.4-litre petrol 1.0-litre petrol 0.8-litre petrol
Power 81.86hp 67.1hp 46.3hp
Torque 115Nm 90Nm 62Nm
Mileage(ARAI) 15.3kmpl 18.9kmpl 19.7kmpl
Power Steering Yes No No
ABS Yes No No
Power Windows(Front) Yes No No
Air Conditioner Yes Yes Yes

With so many features loaded onto its mag, Hyundai Getz can be awarded the best hatch award of 2004. The company sold a good over 3000 units per month in the launch year itself. But with the passing time, the popularity of the car started to fade out.

The Indian audience were more inclined towards fuel efficiency and the after service costs, both of which were the negative points of the Getz. But was it only the features and engine that made the Getz the best hatchback? No, there’s one more feather to the cap too.

The N-CAP! 

Safety crash testing done by NCAPs are considered to be paramount when assessing how safe a car is. Well, Getz went through not one but two of such crash tests. Have a look at the report from the European NCAP crash test.

Hyundai Getz: Euro NCAP report
Hyundai Getz: Euro NCAP report

As it is clearly visible, the car scored 4 stars at the test, while many of the cars in India still struggle to score this number.

Even in the Australasian NCAP, the car scored the same rating.

Crash test rating: A-NCAP
Crash test rating: A-NCAP

It is clearly visible that Hyundai at that time also made sure that they bring in safer cars for India too. Although the ratings are not for the Indian spec Getz, you should expect no less from it too.

And yet we see very less Getz plying on the roads while the rivals are still roaming freely. This article is a glimpse of what we Indians have lost due to our greed for affordability and mileage. The safety aspect has never been a prominent factor while one buys a car in India.

This is the reason that the companies like Maruti Suzuki are still on the top of the chart while companies like Hyundai, Tata Motors and Mahindra which are trying to make the roads safer for us are struggling to sell.

Hyundai i20 2011
Hyundai i20 2011

With a very dull response from the market, Hyundai decided to take off the Getz from the picture in 2011. But this was not the end of premium hatchbacks from the company. Hyundai introduced one of the most premium hatchbacks, i20 to fill in the void left by Getz.

What does the future hold for Hyundai?

Recently, Hyundai launched Verna 2020 and Creta 2020 too. The company seems to have a strong presence that is not fading of any sooner. It is going to get better only with 2020 Hyundai i20 slated to launch soon. At our end, we need to choose our rides on the basis of safety and power. Other aspects such as mileage and others can be seen afterwards. It is important that such cars do not fail in our country and discourage the carmakers leading them to stop making safe cars anymore!


  1. Hyundai getz prime has discontinued? I am planning to buy one secondhand but heard that parts of getz prime is hard to be found in the market. What should i do? Shall i buy or not?

    • Yes, spare parts for the Hyundai Getz/Getz Prime is a problem. However, you can still source spare parts from wholesalers in Delhi and Mumbai. You can also reach out to us if you are facing spare parts availability. On second thoughts, a second-hand Hyundai Getz is not recommended. Might we suggest an early model WagonR?

  2. I got 1.5 crdi Getz prime. I bought it on 2012 second hand Model of car 2009 The performance of vehicle is excellent that too when turbo opens in driving on the highway no one car competate with this. But spears you get there at show room @ Order cost of spears are too high, ( Totally My expression on this car is The car is Top -1 very robust very strong body it’s to be maintain very costly no doubt, and if even also it’s on the. Road. Means true lovers of the performance of the car are there, even it’s fuel mileage although is to be high it’s not the matter ) I love the car very much and I request to company to please provide spear parts with low rates.

  3. It that time wagonr use to get 1.1litre 16 valve engine not the 1.0litre engine this engine came when 2nd gen wagonr was launched

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