Whether you like it or not, your choices say a lot about you. And same is the case with everything else in the world. Even with multinational brands. While the idea of having a brand ideology isn’t something new, many times these ideologies tend to reflect in almost everything a brand does. This might be a great thing for marketing, but many a time this leads to the creation of stereotypes. And believe it or not, every company has one attached to it. So without much ado, let’s have a look at 10 popular Indian Car brands and their USP.

  1. Maruti SuzukiAffordable, efficient cars for every Indian

    Maruti Suzuki | The Name You Know, the history you Don’t
    Maruti Suzuki — Affordable and Efficient

    Being crowned as India’s largest manufacturer isn’t something that comes easy. Years of quality service and customer satisfaction is what makes a successful brand. And when it comes to Maruti Suzuki, it seems as if the hospitality comes from within. Known for making vehicles that are priced to suit the needs of every Indian, Maruti Suzuki cars go beyond just being affordable. A huge part of Maruti Suzuki’s success is their efficient range of engines that are often dubbed as one of the most efficient units across segments. Probably this is the reason why a Maruti Suzuki is the first car for millions of Indians.

  2. Toyota The by-name for quality

    Coronavirus- Toyota extends sustenance packages to dealer partners
    Toyota — The By-Name For Quality

    Be it the Innova, Fortuner, or the Corolla. Toyota Cars are often known to even outrun their owners. And this is a feat that is seldom achieved by any other carmaker across the world. Known for blending sheer quality in everything they do, the Japanese manufacturer is the by-name for quality, durability and robustness. If duly cared for, Toyota vehicles have the potential of clocking over 10 Lakhs kilometres without breaking a sweat; a testament to Toyota’s commitment to quality.

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  3. HondaV-Tec kicked in yo!

    The Glorious i-VTEC

    Not just capable vehicles, Honda is also known for making some of the most advanced engines around the globe. At the pinnacle of Honda’s commitment to innovation is one of its most beloved engines; the V-TEC. Known for delivering a punch of power while maintaining efficiency, V-TECs are synonymous with Honda’s success in India. Introduced in India back in 2000, the VTEC engine has had its own legacy over two decades. And don’t just believe us, get behind the wheels of a Honda and feel the V-TEC Kicking In, while you go Vroooooom!

  4. Skoda Performance-oriented, fun, enthusiast’s cars

    Skoda - Simply Clever
    Skoda – Simply Clever

    Owning a luxury car is everyone’s dream. But actually buying one is a whole journey in itself. But if there’s one brand that can truly satiate the craving for luxury, without burning a huge hole in your pockets, it’s definitely Skoda.

    The Czech automaker is known for making luxurious vehicles that are topped with engines that underpin even full fledge luxury brands like Audi. Be it the classic Laura or the upcoming Taigun, Skoda cars are capable of competing with major luxury brands at a price that just a fraction of what the giants demand. A brand stereotype that is truly justified.

  5. TataSafe, reliable and Made in India cars

    Tata Motors
    Tata Motors — Making India Proud

    The feeling of owning something that is locally made is a feeling beyond words. No matter how much you run after foreign manufacturers, we bet you’d still check out what Tata Motor’s up to. This is exactly the magic of Tata. Be it a hatch, sedan or an SUV, Tata Motors is known for making capable vehicles that are truly Indian. And with Tata’s brand evolution, we can proudly say that each and every vehicle made by Tata Motors can very well match those manufactured by foreign giants.

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  6. MahindraFor the love of SUVs

    Mahindra Logo
    Mahindra — For The Love of SUVs

    Thar, Scorpio and the XUV 500 thinking about India’s obsession with SUVs would be incomplete without mentioning these three giants. And the thing which connects all three of them is Mahindra. As one of India’s very first automotive company, the history of Mahindra goes back more than 7 decades.

    But one thing that hasn’t changed since then is Mahindra’s love for SUVs. From the CJ3A in 1949 to the latest version of the Thar, Mahindra’s entire inventory in India is comprised of all kinds of SUVs and MPVs. So if an SUV is your spirit car, then you know where to go!

  7. HyundaiThe all-in-one package

    Hyundai Creta | Fog Lights
    Hyundai — The All In One Package

    What makes a complete package? Is it the looks? Is it a powerful engine? Or is it the interiors? Well, we believe it’s the perfect balance of all three. And if there’s one brand that has time and again achieved it, it’s definitely Hyundai Motors. From the good-looking fluidic design to the all-rounder turbo GDi Petrol, Hyundai cars have blended exceptional looks with superior performance every year.

    Even in the interior game, cars like the upcoming Alcazar, or the veteran Hyundai Creta have shown, how balanced Hyundai Motors is as a brand. From hardworking millennial to modern families, there’s surely a Hyundai for need.

  8. VolkswagenQuintessential German quality cars

    Volkswagen India New Logo
    Volkswagen — Quintessential German Quality

    When it comes to building vehicles, the Germans are no match. Be it quality, innovation or durability, there nothing like a well-built German car and we mean it. And when it comes to the Indian market, the gateway to experiencing pure German bliss starts by owning a Volkswagen.

    Whether it is the Polo hatch, or the upcoming T-Roc 2021, every time you’re behind the wheels of a Volkswagen, you will surely get a taste of German innovation. From superb build quality to balanced interiors, every Volkswagen truly represents the Quintessential German quality. A brand stereotype, that’s true in every sense.

  9. KiaThe newcomer and game-changer

    Kia Motors
    Kia Motors — The Gamechanger

    In a market as fierce as the Indian Automotive Sector, only a few manufacturers have been able to make a mark for themselves. Perhaps this is the reason why many big names like Opel, Chevrolet etc. have disappeared from the game, never to be seen again. However, if there is one newbie that can truly be acknowledged for leaving a huge impact in the market it is definitely KIA Motors.

    Entering India in 2019, the South Korean manufacturer has managed to capture a substantial share of the market in just 2 years of its existence. With 3 capable offerings; the Seltos, Carnival and the Sonet, Kia Motors is a name that has surely carved a place for itself in the Indian market as a newcomer and game-changer; a stereotype that fits the brand well.

  10. FordTough, frugal and underappreciated cars

    Car manufacturers who are NOT participating in the Auto Expo 2020
    Ford — The Underrated

    Sales charts have a lot of influence when it comes to consumer behaviour and purchase patterns. But the biggest drawback of these numbers is the fact that many times in search of gold, we actually lose out on the diamonds (Pro meme reference). And a few such diamonds are cars made by Ford.

    Even though the Eco Sport is the only vehicle manufactured by Ford that usually feature in the top-selling list, it doesn’t negate the fact that the entire Ford inventory is worthy of every penny you spend. Be it impeccable safety, or top-notch driving dynamics, Ford cars have failed to garner their due share of recognition. But with that said, those who truly know vehicles, know the actual value of a Ford.

    There’s a stereotype attached with almost everything out there, and knowingly or unknowingly we all are driven by them. These were 10 such stereotypes attached with major car brands in India. If you too have an addition, comment down below. Till then, stay pinned!

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  1. Maruti Suzuki is best but when it comes to build quality, except BREZZA & S-CROSS we can’t trust any other Maruti Suzuki Car. That’s why I also own Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza VXI AT 2021 & Ritz 2013 ZXI.

  2. The best driver’s car are always the ford be it Ikon or the fiesta. Ford is best enjoyed at the drivers seat.
    It goes around the curves with easy, sticks to tye ground , an awesome car appreciated by very few.

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