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BS6 vs BS4 vs BS3 vs BS2 vs India 2000: Emission Norms Compared

BS6 is gonna roll out in less than 10 days from now. People are a bit sceptical about the BS6 roll out as right now all the automotive companies are facing huge problems due to Coronavirus pandemic. We have to wait until the end of the month to see what BS6 has to offer. But before that here is a glimpse of where the emission norms started.

Bharat Stage Emission Standards (BSES)

BSES are the emission standards set by the institute by the Government of India which are to put exhaust emission from vehicles in check. These include all the vehicles running via an internal combustion engine on road, trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc.

  • These emission standards are based on the norms in Europe also called Euro Stages. The first regulation was implemented in the year 2000 and was called ‘India 2000’.
  • After that different emission norms came and the latest emission norms are the BS6 implementation from the 1st of April.
  • BS2 or Bharat Stage 2 was implemented in 2001 in the major cites and later in 2005, it was implemented nationwide.
  • In 2005 the BSES implemented BS3 in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and later in the year 2010 nationwide.
  • Implementing the first major change was a task. As the new BS4 norms had to reduce pollution by a drastic amount. This was done after nearly a decade. BS4 norms were implemented in April 2017 nationwide.

Bharat Stages and their implementation dates

Standard Year Region
India 2000 2000 Nationwide
Bharat Stage II 2001 NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai
2005-04 Nationwide
Bharat Stage III 2005-04 NCR
2010-04 Nationwide
Bharat Stage IV 2010-04 NCR
2017-04 Nationwide
Bharat Stage V (Skipped)
Bharat Stage VI 2020-04 Nationwide

Differences in the emission norms

Year CO(g/km) HC(g/km) HC+NOx(g/km) NOx(g/km)
India 2000 2.72–6.90 0.97–1.70
BS2 2.2–5.0 0.5–0.7
BS3 2.3
BS4 1.0

BS6 emission numbers

Vehicle Class CO (mg/km) HC (mg/km) NOx (mg/km) NMHC (mg/km) PM (mg/km) EVAP (mg/test) Durability


1 & 2.1 1000 100 60 68 4.5 1500 20000
2.2 1000 100 60 68 4.5 1500 35000
3.1 & 3.2 1000 100 60 68 4.5 1500 35000
CI vehicle 500 100 90 68 4.5

Let us all welcome the new and safer exhaust emission norms and save the environment.

To know all about BS6: BS6 (Bharat Stage 6) | Explained

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