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8 Interesting Facts About Hyundai Motor India Limited

After Maruti Suzuki, it is Hyundai that stands at number 2 when it comes to the numbers of cars sold in the Indian market. We think this has to do with the reputation that the brand has established in India. But yes, the journey hasn’t been easy, and this was not always the case. Well, in this journey, Hyundai did accomplish many milestones and some criticism too. Still, it is standing long and strong. So, today, let’s look at some of the interesting facts about this Korean carmaker in India.

  1. Hyundai Motor India Limited subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company

    A Deeper Look Into The Hyundai Logo

    Everyone has a clue that Hyundai is a Korean brand. But that’s just skimming the surface. Hyundai Motor India Limited is a subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Company in South Korea. Meaning HMC (Hyundai Motor Company) is the Godfather of HMIL (Hyundai Motor India Limited).

  2. Hyundai entered in 1996 in India.

    Hyundai Santro | Indian Cars Stereotypes
    Hyundai Santro | Indian Cars Stereotypes

    Amidst the developing Indian automotive sector, Hyundai came to India in 1996. Yes, it was the HMC that set up the HMIL facility back then. This was the time when Maruti Suzuki was dominating the private vehicle sector in the country. However, automotive giants like Opel, Premier, Daewoo, Mahindra, Tata, and Honda were present. But Mahindra and Tata were more focused on the commercial sector.

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  3. Hyundai Santro, the first vehicle in 1998

    The Hyundai Santro 22 Years and Strong
    The Hyundai Santro 22 Years and Strong / facts about Hyundai

    Okay, if we talk about the first vehicle Hyundai brought to Indian shores, it was the Hyundai Santro. In 1998, when Maruti was dominating with its cars line-up, Ambassador and Padmini felt a little too old school; Santro was the one that stood out in the crowd. Why, you may ask? Back then, most of the car makers in India were prone to make cars that looked plain-jane boring. It was Hyundai with its Santro that brought a car with a completely new flowing design scheme.

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  4. Second largest vehicle manufacturer in India

    10 Forgotten Hyundai Cars in India | From Getz to Sonata
    10 Forgotten Hyundai Cars in India | From Getz to Sonata

    After the launch and instant success of the Hyundai Santro, the brand became the second largest passenger car manufacturer in India. This is a crown that Hyundai still carries with pride. After that, it was Hyundai Accent that hit the market and other cars followed.

    Nostalgia: 10 Forgotten Hyundai Cars In India | From Getz To Sonata

  5. Largest vehicle exporter

    The utter positive response from the market game the carmaker to expand its legs across the world. Hence, this is when HMIL started exporting passenger vehicles to other countries. And within some time after Hyundai’s inception in India, it became the countries largest exporter. Along with that Hyundai was also the first automotive brand to export more than 10 lakh cars in just over 10 years. As of now, Hyundai exports vehicles in about 87 countries.
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  6. Hyundai’s car has the most ICOTY awards

    10 Cars that won the Icoty ft
    10 Cars that won the ICOTY / facts about Hyundai

    ICOTY or Indian Car Of The Year is awarded to the overall best vehicle for its price. There are different aspects that the jury considers, it includes, engine, features, built quality, refinement and more. And Hyundai should be proud that out of 13 years of ICOTY awards, 7 belong to Hyundai.

  7. Super Frugal Diesel Engine (CRDi Tech)

    1.5 l diesel CRDi
    1.5 l diesel CRDi / facts about Hyundai

    When we talk about engines, there are brands that are known to make some of the best petrol motors, yes, Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Now when it comes to diesel, it is Hyundai that has mastered the compression ignition engine. Sure, Hyundai uses a common CRDi tech, but the motors are way more refined, powerful and economical than its competition.

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  8. More than 6 Lakh Hyundai Creta sold to date

    Updated Hyundai Creta
    Updated Hyundai Creta Facelift / Image for representation only

    The best selling car in the Hyundai’s line-up for about 2 years is the Creta. Launched in 2015 the SUV (more like a crossover) say many customers flocking to the Hyundai’s showroom. And till June 2021, Hyundai sold more than 6 Lakh units of Creta In India itself, since the day of its lunch (2015). This has to do with the SUVish stance, with plush interiors and a set of powerful engines.

So these were the 8 interesting facts about Hyundai Motor India Limited. let us know, which fact among the 8 you were not aware of. Also, do tell us about which carmaker in India you want to know. See you in another one, Happy Motoring.

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