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Jeep Grand Cherokee VS BMW X5 | New Entry VS OG!

American carmaker Jeep has finally launched its flagship SUV, the Grand Cherokee in India. The Grand Cherokee sits in a segment that the Germans have been dominating for a very long time. The pricing for this true-blue American SUV sits very close to the BMW X5. Today, let’s see the comparison of the Jeep Grand Cherokee vs BMW X5! 

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee vs BMW X5 – Design and Size

The Grand Cherokee is unmistakably a Jeep. It is huge, bold, and looks like it is made to conquer all terrains. However, with this model, Jeep has also added some elegant details that give this SUV a slightly understated look. While the overall silhouette is rather large, the car looks quite composed from all corners. The BMW X5 on the other hand is inclined on being as sporty as it can get, The sharp cuts and creases all along the body make it look like it’s meant to go fast. The huge grille upfront creates a dominating look, and the newly designed headlights add to the overall aggressive and sporty appeal. 


The Grand Cherokee is taller, while the BMW X5 is longer, wider, and has a bigger wheelbase. All in all, both SUVs are similar in terms of size.

Car Height Width Length Wheelbase
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1,798mm 1,968mm 4,915mm 2,964mm
BMW X5 1,745mm 2,004mm 4,922mm 2,975mm
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee vs BMW X5 – Features 

Well, this segment offers pretty much everything you could ask for. However, for the sake of this comparison of the Jeep Grand Cherokee vs BMW X5, here’s a list of some of the features of these cars. 

Features BMW X5 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Sound system 19 speakers by Harman Kardon 19 speakers by Alpine 
360-degree camera Yes Yes
Wireless charging Yes Yes
Sunroof Panoramic Panoramic
Connected car tech Yes Yes
Alloy wheels 20-inches 19/20-inches
Park Assist Yes Yes
ADAS Level 1 Level 2
Massaging seats Yes Yes
Heated/Ventilated seats Yes Yes
BMW X5 xDrive 30d M Sport
  • Engines

The X5, being a BMW naturally takes 2 steps ahead in this comparison of Jeep Grand Cherokee vs BMW X5 in terms of engines. It gets both diesel and petrol engine options, while the Jeep only gets a petrol engine. Both these SUVs, offer 4WD, however, the overall suspension setup and ground clearance on the Jeep make it much more off-road friendly. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee  BMW X5
2L 4-cylinder turbo petrol
Power: 276HP
Torque: 400nm
Transmission: 8-speed automatic 
3L 6-cylinder turbo petrol
Power: 340HPTorque: 450nm3L 6-cylinder diesel
Power: 265HP
Torque: 620nm

Transmission: 8-speed automatic 

BMW X5M Launched

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee vs BMW X5 – Difference in driving

Well, both these cars do fall into the same segment, but they’re very different to drive. The BMW X5 is an SUV that focuses more on stability, handling, and speed. It is one of the most fun to drive SUVs in the world and it doesn’t really focus on going off the roads. Yes, it gets a 4WD system, however, the primary focus behind that is to improve the overall traction and grip on high-speed cornering. On the other hand, the Grand Cherokee carries a much higher stance and is ever ready to take the roads less taken. It focuses on comfort, ride quality, and off-road capability. Both SUVs are excellent drivers in their respective segments.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

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  • Jeep Grand Cherokee vs BMW X5 – Pricing

The ex-showroom pricing for these cars is:

Jeep Grand Cherokee BMW X5
Rs. 77.50 Lakhs Rs. 79.90 – Rs. 97.90 Lakhs

The Grand Cherokee here currently only has one variant, whereas the BMW X5 has 2 variants across petrol and diesel options. All in all, the BMW X5 offers better driving dynamics and also carries the heft of brand value. The Jeep on the other hand is fairly new in the market, but it is a good product. 

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Which one would you choose in this comparison of the Jeep Grand Cherokee vs BMW X5? Let us know in the comments below!

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