The 22-year-old F2 race car driver Jehan Daruvala creates history by becoming the first Indian to win an F2 race. On Sunday Jehan secured a whooping P1 at the Sakhir Grand Prix after a couple of interesting battles in the sprint race.

Jehan Daruvala F2 Win
Jehan Daruvala F2 Win

Jehan Daruvala Started from 3rd Position

The day before the race Jehan qualified in 3rd position allowing him to start the race from the front of the grid.

  • By now a little bit of hassle of clearing the midfield was gone. Also, Jehan Darvuala was one step closer to the victory.
  • The race started and the 22year old Indian got a decent start in 3rd.
  • Mick Schumacher (Michael Schumacher’s son) locked up under hard braking allowing the Jean to once again take the 2nd position.
  • Thought Mick took back the 2nd position after 4 laps Daruvala was able to re-take 2nd.
  • On Lap 25 the race leader Dan Ticktum opened up a gap allowing Jehan to take 1st position.
Jehan Daruvala F2 Car | Number 8
Jehan Daruvala F2 Car | Number 8
  • Now the only thing Daruvala had to do was defend from behind which he did confidently.
  • Jehan Daruvala crossed the finish line 3.5 seconds ahead of his teammate Yuki Tsunoda.
  • A series of such events allowed the Indian race car driver to take the checked flag.

A Proud Moment for the Indian

First time in History an Indian won an F2 sprint race. Also, Jean Daruvala made India proud as our National Anthem was played loud and proud. Besides, the Indian driver also exclaimed with the rising motorsport trend in India, it is still far from easy to get into competition. Still, definitely not easy with enough spirit and dedication one can make it into the international Formula racing. Mick Schumacher won the F2 championship last weekend.

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