Like it or not, but the future is electric. I myself am not a fan of EV’s (that’s right a true petrolhead) but electrification of cars is inevitable. There are many reasons that support this argument, both economically and ethically. EV’s are cheaper to run in the long run, they practically need almost no maintenance and overall helps you sleep better at night knowing that you are not hurting the environment like before. Car companies understood this and most of them plan to go electric by 2030. Now I’m sure we all know about the Nexon EV and the Kona, but what if you wanna buy a class-apart EV? Don’t worry! We at Gomechanic are always a step ahead and therefore we bring you-Luxury EVs in India: Existing and upcoming.

  1. Jaguar I-Pace

    Luxury EVs in India
    Jaguar I-pace

    Starting off this list with one of the most reputed and exclusive brands in India, Jaguar. The British brand offers great cars to Indians including the XE and one of my favourites XJ; and they plan to keep the trend alive with their electric SUV, the Jaguar I-Pace. It is available in 3 variants- S, SE and HSE. It is powered by a V8.. erm sorry; old habits die hard, twin electric motors coupled to a 90 kW battery churning out a total of 408 hp. It claims a 0-100 time of just 4.8 seconds! On the inside, it’s as comfortable as a silk cocoon and no comprises have been made by the Indian owned Brit brand.

    JLR offers 8 years or 1.60 lakh km warranty on the battery. Also, the I-Pace owners get a complimentary 5-years service package, 5 years Jaguar Roadside Assistance and a 7.4 kW AC wall-mounted charger. The I-Pace is priced from 1.05-1.12 Cr, so yeah be ready for a big hole in your pocket.

  2. Mercedes Benz EQC

    Luxury EVs in India
    Mercedes Benz EQC

    MB is arguably the most established luxury brands in India. It has a long and deep connection with us and they always treated us with great cars like the C63 AMG, G wagon and even the small A class. Like everybody around the German player also decided to go electric and thought the EQC is their first step towards the future.

    They behaved generously and launched the all-electric SUV,’ EQC’ in India. Powering this SUV is a twin motor setup attached to an 80 kW battery producing 402 bhp. It also gets a quick charging adapter and has a respectable range of 400 km. It costs 1.21 Cr.

  3. Tesla Model 3 (Upcoming)

    Luxury EVs in India
    Tesla Model 3

    Tesla Motors is the one who started the EV trend worldwide. It is the companies that changed the image of EV completely, from boring to exciting. It has a great line up in its garage. From the super eye-roller roadster to the astonishing cyber truck and of course the absolute mind-boggling Model X. And it’s good news for us because we are about to get a piece of this action. India welcomed Elon Musk with open arms to India and their most famous car, the Model 3 is about to hit our streets sometime later this year.

    Tesla will import completely built units for now. It is a compact SUV that gets a couple of battery option ranging from 50 kW to 82 kW under its hood.. sorry under its body. With an astonishing range of 563 km, it is one of the most successful EVs around the world.

  4. Mini Cooper SE (Upcoming)

    Luxury EVs in India
    Mini Cooper SE

    The cutest car brand also took up this trend of EVs and introduced the Mini Cooper SE a while back. It is one of the compact and affordable fast EVs around with a single battery pack producing 182 bhp. It tears up the tarmac quietly with a 0-100 timing of 7.3 seconds and has a top speed of 150 kmph. Mini also gave it fast charging which will fully charge the hatchback in 1.24 hours. The expected price of SE is expected to be around 40-45 lakhs.

  5. Audi e-tron (Upcoming)

    Luxury EVs in India
    Audi e-tron

    The German automaker has been the leader in automobile innovation since its dawn. It revolutionized the rally scene and changed how we see fast cars with the ‘Quattro’ AWD setup. And they lived up to their reputation when they launched the Audi e-tron. Aside from the super cool name( feels like it is inspired by a Transformers movie), sick looks and futuristic interior, it gets a 71.5 kW battery pack producing 312 bhp and will sprint from 0-100 in just 4 seconds! It also boasts a range of 700 km which is out of this world. The e-tron was all set to hit the Indian streets in 2020 but like many great things, it also got delayed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It is expected to hit the showrooms in June with a price tag of around 1.5 Cr.

  6. Porsche Taycan (Upcoming)

    Luxury EVs in India
    Porsche Taycan

    All the above-mentioned cars are great, but what if you want something absolutely lunatic? This is where Porsche comes in the picture with their rad super EV called the Taycan. It is one of the hottest properties in the supercar segment and can sprint from 0-100 in less than four seconds! That’s proper fast. It also has a good enough range of 500 km. Expect it to be around 2.5 Cr when it finally hits the Indian shores sometime this year.

  7. BMW i8

    Luxury EVs in India
    BMW i8

    Last but certainly not the least. Now we know it’s a hybrid but the i8 was the foundation stone of cool futuristic cars in India. It looks like something out of Jetsons, drives like beauty and is overall pretty practical. Not convincing enough? Sachin Tendulkar has one!

    I’m not sure if India is ready for the EV market right now. We don’t have the proper infrastructure and people are not ready for such a big chance. But I guess the demand causes supply and when these cars come to India, a change in mentality can be expected. What other EVs should come to India? Let us know in the comments. Till then these were the luxury EVs in India: Existing and Upcoming.

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