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Mahindra TUV300 vs Bolero NEO | Same-Same Or Different?

Mahindra has just dropped in the latest addition in their lineup. Mahindra surprised everyone by rolling out their latest SUV in the market yesterday. This one looks a lot like the TUV300 which had already made quite a mark in the market. In today’s featured, we are going to discuss Mahindra TUV300 vs Bolero Neo and have a look at the key differences between these SUVs. Here we go!

  1. Added Design Elements

    Mahindra Bolero Neo
    Mahindra Bolero Neo

    The overall look might remind you of the TUV300 and we don’t disagree with this at any point. But just to let you know, there are some changes on the design part of this SUV that will let you distinguish between the two SUVs. Starting with the front look, the sweptback headlights with LED DRLs, bold grille, the redesigned bumper and fog lights make the new Bolero Neo different from the TUV300.

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  2. Specifications

    Mahindra Bolero Neo
    Mahindra Bolero Neo

    Now that we are talking about Mahindra TUV300 vs Bolero Neo, the new launch has an upper hand in terms of specifications too. Getting in the details, the new one is powered by a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder diesel engine which is the same mill you got under TUV’s hood. The difference lies in the torque figures are up by 20Nm. The new figures are 99bhp with 260Nm. This engine is currently mated to a 5-speed manual.

  3. Cruise Control

    Mahindra Bolero Neo Interior
    Mahindra Bolero Neo Interior | Image Source: RushLane

    Moving on, Mahindra TUV300 vs Bolero Neo has a major difference where the new one in town comes with a much-needed feature. We are referring to the cruise control which was missing on the TUV300. If you are looking for a comfortable SUV or should we say a comfortable car, cruise control is a must!

  4. Features and Infotainment

    Mahindra Bolero Neo interior
    Mahindra Bolero Neo interior

    Features! This is what most of us lookout for while buying a new car. The Mahindra Bolero Neo has got a revised instrument cluster and a new shade of upholstery too. Apart from this, the new SUV in town comes with an infotainment system that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Rear parking sensors and eco mode also add to the feature list on the Bolero Neo.

  5. MLD

    mahindra Tuv300 vs Bolero neo
    mahindra Tuv300 vs Bolero neo

    Last but not least, the new Mahindra Bolero Neo comes with a Mechanical Locking Differential. However, this one is reserved to be in the top-end variant, it is very useful and considering the fact that even the top-end variant comes under 10 Lakhs, this can be a good deal for sure! For those who are wondering what a TLD is, let us explain. Suppose you are stuck in the mud and one of the wheels is spinning endlessly, the differential will lock that wheel and shift the power to the other one thereby helping you gain momentum and move forward!

These were the top 5 differences between Mahindra TUV300 vs Bolero Neo. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you think Mahindra’s 2nd attempt at the TUV will turn out to be a good one? Fingers crossed!

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Vishal Khanna
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    • Hi Deepak,
      Cars in our country come with a cruise control, be it a car with a manual gearbox or an automatic transmission. But the catch is that here in India, at this price point it is essentially a speed limited rather than adaptive cruise control. Out on the highway, it surely is a boon on long rides. Stay pinned! 🙂

  1. 1) Is there an individual AC control for the back benches.
    2) There are reverse sensors only and no rear view on the touch screen while reversing !
    3) No info available on the suspension system and it’s effectiveness on cross country roads .
    N.B : MLD is one of the grand star feature incorporated in Neo .

  2. Mahindra neo could have been marketed in the name and brand of TUV300 highliting few exterior finish of TUV300. This move could have satisfied your customers who loved TUV300.


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