10 Reasons why the Maruti Alto will have a Special Place in India

10 Reasons why the Maruti Alto will have a special in India

‘A boy who bought his own Maruti Suzuki Alto is more successful than the boy who shows off his dad’s Audi’. Maruti Suzuki Alto has been in the market since 2000. And out of these 20 years of affordability, Alto was on the top of charts in terms of sales for a straight 16 years only to lose to its sibling, Dzire. But what has made this hatchback such a success story in India? Let’s find out!

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  1. Maruti Alto is a symbol of Affordability

    Maruti Suzuki Alto

    Alto is simply affordable. A person who wants a car-like experience but as less money to spend goes for cars like Maruti Suzuki Alto. Even in the BS6 era, when the cars are getting less affordable, Alto has a starting price of fewer than ₹3 lacs. Maruti is known for making the cars affordable and Alto is one of the best live examples present in the market yet.

  2. Maruti Alto is super economical

    Alto’s Fuel Mileage

    Affordability does not end at buying a car. The car should be able to run on lower costs too. And Maruti Alto does that seamlessly. While the petrol engine has a mileage of 22.05kmpl, the CNG variant can clock over 31kms in single kg of gas. Thus the Alto is super economical.

  3. Alto and its dirt Cheap Maintenance cost

    GoMechanic’s Basic Service Package for Maruti Suzuki Alto

    Is the initial cost low? YES! Is the running cost low? YES! But what about the maintenance cost? Well for the Maruti Suzuki Alto, the answer to this question is YES too. Basic service for Maruti Alto from GoMechanic costs ₹1,999 only. What’s more interesting to know is that when you get the car serviced from GoMechanic, you save over 40% on the bill as compared to the authorised centres. And don’t worry, all the industry recommended procedures are followed here. So the cheap maintenance cost just got cheaper.

  4. Alto is the breadwinner for Maruti in India

    Car Sales Report May 2020

    Although there are many cars from the company that have been successful in India, none has been able to reach the 16 years feat that Alto has achieved. Alto has been the best seller in the segment as well as across the segments in India. And with sales clocking over 40lakh units, none of its rivals seems to be in the vicinity of that number.

  5. The Alto is Ruggedly Reliable

    Safety features in Alto

    Being cheap does not mean that the car is not reliable. Alto is one of the very few hatchbacks in India that can easily clock over 1,00,000 kms on the odometer and then return a great resale value. My father used to own a 2011 model Alto which we sold in 2016 after 5 years of driving and over 1,05,000kms on the reading. Even then the car was able to return 55% of its original value. True story! It’s all because of the build quality of the car. And the latest generation of Alto is equipped with dual-airbags, smart reverse parking sensors, ABS with EBD and much more which as enhanced the safety of this hatchback.

  6. 20 Years of the Alto legacy

    Maruti Suzuki Alto | 20 years of Affordability

    Alto was launched back in 2000 to rival against Hyundai’s Santro. The hatchback took the market by storm. Within a few years of launch, the Alto breached the 1 million sales mark. And till date, the legacy is carried by the latest generation of Alto. Through these 20 years of making cars affordable for India, Alto has been the flag bearer for the mission by Maruti Suzuki.

  7. Alto has a basic yet functional design

    First Alto in the year 2000

    When it was launched, Alto came with no luxury features inside what so ever. Even outside of Alto was plain without any excitement. The major design upgrade was given after 12 years of launch, the design we are familiar with now. Yet, the car does the job it is meant for. ‘Affordable Car Experience’. That’s it! You cannot expect a lot from it but it has all the basic things a car should have.

  8. Easy spare parts availability

    Maruti Alto Spare Parts

    Do you own a 2008 model Alto? Or even an older one! The best part of the car is the parts availability. OEM and OES spare parts for this car are available in abundance even after some models being discontinued. This is because of the high volume of the Alto cars on the road. If you want to own a second hand Alto too, rest assured, you won’t face any problem finding replacement parts for it.
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  9. The Perfect middle-class family car

    Tata Nano was meant to make the car-owning dream of a middle-class family come true. But, in reality, it has been done by Maruti Suzuki Alto since 2000. The Alto has been the family car for millions of middle-class families across India. And the joy of having smiles on their kid’s faces is what people get to see when they drive a Maruti Alto.

  10. The Maruti Name

    Maruti Suzuki Cars

    And last but not the least, Maruti has become a well-renowned name in the automobile industry. 83% of Indian dads suggest their kids buy a Maruti as their fist car, all thanks to the trust and the network, the company has built since its inception.

With 20 years of legacy and many more to come, we can expect Maruti Alto to grow a lot more. What are your views on this hatchback? Let us know in the comments section below.

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