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MG Hector CVT Automatic Launched, Starts At ₹16.52 Lakhs

The Hector was the first vehicle to come to Indian from this Chinese brand in June 2019. After almost 1.5 years MG launched the first update of the Hector in the market in January 2021. That said, now to dial up the game, MG has given this SUV a new CVT automatic transmission.

MG Hector 2021
MG Hector 2021 now with CVT

What drives the MG Hector?

MG’s SUV comes with two engine options, turbo petrol and a turbo diesel. It is the Petrol we are after today as this is the one that now comes with 3 transmissions to choose from.

2021 MG Hector with turbo petrol comes with;

  • 7-speed DCT automatic
  • New 8-Step CVT gearbox
  • 6-speed MT

The new CVT transmission will be sitting along with the DCT automatic. This CVT transmission happens to be not only more efficient but also smooth and effortless. Making the city drives a lot comfortable.

MG Hector's Infotainment System
MG Hector’s Infotainment System

For you to know, the engine displaces 1.5-litres and is capable of producing 143hp of max power with 250Nm of peak torque.

2021 MG Hector, much needed update

MG Hector 2021 Front Profile
MG Hector 2021 Front Profile

As said earlier MG gave the Hector and the Hector Plus the necessary update in January 2021.

  • The things that caught our eye were the bigger 18-inch alloy wheels that fill the wheel arch a lot better than before.
  • With that, the new MG Hector also gets new updated grille making the car even more striking from the front.
  • On the inside, instead of all black interiors, the new Hector boasts of dual-tone (Black and Beige) interior adding the right amount of elegance.
  • Speaking of the interior, it also gets many creature comforts like a wireless phone charger and more.
Dual-tone Interiors of MG Hector 2021
Dual-tone Interiors of MG Hector 2021 | Now with CVT

Here is everything about the new 2021 MG Hector

MG Hector competes against…

MG Hector 2021 Seating Options
MG Hector 2021 Seating Options

To begin with, the new MG Hector CVT is available in Smart and Sharp variants only. The same is the case with the MG Hector Plus. Talking about the price, the CVT variants are identical to the one with DCT as both costs the same. MG Hector Smart variant with CVT costs ₹16.52 lakhs and Hector Plus starts at ₹17.22 lakhs (Both ex-showroom)

Also, a thing to note is that as of now MG has not introduced an automatic with the MG Hector Plus 7-seater variant.

2021 MG Hector Prices
2021 MG Hector Prices

Considering the price, this SUV rivals Tata Harrier, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos and Jeep Compass.

What do you think about the new transmission? If it were you which one would you choose and Why? Let us know in the comments.

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