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Mumbai-Delhi Expressway Extended, Will Reduce Time and Distance

Our Transport and Union Road Minister, Nitin Gadkari announced the extension of the Mumbai-Delhi Greenfield Expressway last week. According to the new plan, the expressway will be extended till the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) which earlier was till Thane city, Maharastra.

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Highway Drive | Image for representation purpose only | Mumbai Delhi Expressway

Greenfield Expressway Key Features

For you to know, the Greenfield Expressway has many unique features making it a leading ship in terms of the expressways in India.

  • Starting with the distance, this expressway has a total span of 1,275kms.
  • It is initially an 8-lane highway with a provision to expand to a total of 12 lanes.
  • Also, to cover the distance fast, 120kmph is the max speed allowed to attain on this expressway.
  • Additionally, the construction includes planned 75 sideway amenities that will be built on every 50kms stretch.
  • Talking about the structure, this highway will be a combination of 5 big and 10 small bridges and flyovers.

    What is Highway Hypnosis
    What is Highway Hypnosis | Image for demonstration purpose only

Everything About the Construction

To start with, it is estimated that the Greenfield Express will see the cars gushing by march 2024. Also, the construction of this ₹5,801 crore project started last year and is in full swing. Although earlier the annual plan for the project was ₹2,727 crores it increased drastically that will help in the development of these express roads. The approvals of such highway will help bring the travel time as well as the distance to and from these major cities down. Also, many such highways are under construction to connect many metro cities.

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What do you think, will these highways and expressway help boost tourism and urge people to travel? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Built as many roads you can but doctors should be exempted from each and every toll as he is only person considered as GOD in our society.. And he is only person who rushes for another person without any grudge to save life.

  2. expressway ,higheay needed its already too late in our country to developing we need and reduce traffic and smooth journey expressway is necessary.bullete train is not necessary.need road development is must

  3. Alternate modes of transportation is very much required. However, make sure these roads are closed from both sides to ensure no person or animal cross the road as and when they please. Make sure there are crossings built over or under these roads. Under would be better bcos people are lazy and won’t use overhead walkway. Best to build S bridge where required to allow vehicles and animals to cross. Else you will end up digging the roads again to make these bridges.

  4. No doubt about this proposal to show our indebtedness and gratitude…but, the doctors are no God and unlike miracles done free of cost by the almighty, they charge too hefty fees to bleed their patients…


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