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Because of the rising popularity of motorcycles, people have started using these two-wheeled machines for more than just commuting. This in turn increases the overall motorcycle demand, hence more bikes from the manufacturers. But at times, the companies overdo things and the repercussions are not so good motorcycles. So, here are 10 such bikes of the decade that didn’t see many customers.

  1. Yamaha YZF R3

    Yamaha YZF-R3
    Yamaha YZF-R3

    Not to take this offensively; indeed, Yamaha YZF 3R was a really sweet motorcycle. But, considering the price, this Yamaha was a little overprices for what it offered. That said, the motorcycle came equipped with 321cc parallel-twin engine mated to a 6-speed gearbox.

    The motorcycle at its launch in 2015 was priced at ₹3.51 Lakhs Ex-Showroom. Its rival made a little more power and a lot more torque and additionally was a lakh cheaper and offered a better value for money composition. Hence, the motorcycle didn’t saw the face of many customers.

  2. Bajaj Pulsar 180

    The 2006 Pulsar 180
    The 2006 Pulsar 180

    Some motorcycles are in desperate need of a facelift or at least some technology change underneath the fuel tank (The engine). One such bike is the Bajaj Pulsar 180. This Pulsar is almost the same when compared to the day it was launched.

    For you to know, Bajaj Pulsar got a minor facelift back in 2008 and has changed less since. The minor changes include subtle new paint schemes.

  3. Suzuki Intruder 150

    Suzuki Intruder 150
    Suzuki Intruder 150

    Motorcycles that carry a renowned name have a lot of work to do. This is surely Intruder didn’t do. As we all know the Intruder borrowed the name of the all-mighty Intruder M1800 (God of Cruisers).

    Unlike it’s so-called bigger brother, the Suzuki Intruder because of the aesthetics didn’t do justice. Nevertheless, the engine was the same from the Gixxer 150, meaning? A really potent and refined engine.

  4. First Gen Royal Enfield Himalayan

    The Himalayan
    The Himalayan

    This is in no terms to offend the Himalayan Owners, as this is the first motorcycle (400cc+) that could be used for touring as well as the task it was built for, i.e riding on no roads. That said, the first generation made it into the list as there were many flaws in this off-road bike.

    Despite those problems, Royal Enfield introduced the bike in the market. A Himalayan owner pointed out all the problems and hence was rectified in an upgrade. And now, the motorcycle in its BS6 avatar is one of the best touring motorcycles one can invest in.

  5. Hero Impulse

    Hero Impulse
    Hero Impulse | Image Credits: (1)

    One of the early age all off-road motorcycle came from an unexpected motorcycle maker, Hero. The Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero introduced the country’s first adventure motorcycle the Impulse.

    This is the time when the motorcycle community was on the rise. Additionally, the Hero Impulse was capable of some really serious off-roading. What it lacked was power, as the powerhouse was just a 150cc.
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  6. First Gen Harley Davidson Street 750

    Harley Davidson Street 750
    Harley Davidson Street 750

    At times, a vehicle manufacturer is super eager to launch a product and fails to deliver a refined one. Harley Davidson Street 750 is a perfect example of the same. That said, in the early models of this Harley, there were many shortcomings, the major being brakes.

    There were instances in the motorcycle the brake bite was compromised. And in extreme, it was also possible that the brakes fail completely. In the end, after rigorous testing, Harley Davidson cleared all the problems and Street 750 is one of the beginner motorcycles one can buy.

  7. Mahindra Pantero

    Mahindra Pantero
    Mahindra Pantero

    There rarely are commuter motorcycles that are not so known. But on top of the leader board of the unknown motorcycle is that Mahindra Pantero. This is the commuter bike that looks like an angry alien’s head from the front.

    Nevertheless, looks are always subjective. The Mahindra Pantero is a less known commuter that because of decent quality didn’t saw many customers.

  8. Suzuki Inazuma 250

    Suzuki Inazuma
    Suzuki Inazuma

    Possibly the oldest motorcycle in the list is the Suzuki Inazuma 250. Also, we totally are okay if this is the first time you hearing about this bike. This street fighter was launched back in the 2010s and is still available in the in a good condition in the used motorcycle market. For you to know, this bike too gets a 2 cylinder motor that produces decent power and torque figures. It is the weight that lets it down.

  9. Kawasaki Z250

    Kawasaki Z250
    Kawasaki Z250

    Another motorcycle to sport a twin-cylinder engine is the Kawasaki Z250. Kawasaki with the Z250 was one of the most affordable powerful naked motorcycles to rule the Indian market. Kawasaki Z250 in the green colour acts as a style statement and definitely will turn heads when running on the road. In the end, this is one of the best sounding twin-cylinder motorcycles.

  10. Last Gen Hero Karizma ZMR

    Hero Honda ZMR
    Hero ZMR

    The all-new Karizma ZMR with more power and a new design was launched in 2014. It had dual dynamic headlamps and LED position lamps, multi-functional digital console, wider tyres and sporty LED taillight and winners. But, the one in 2014 didn’t go with the original ZMR hence saw a drastic downfall.

    But it was too late for Karizma to recapture the market. Yamaha R15, FZ and Bajaj Pulsar had already taken their share of the market leaving nothing for the Hero Karizma.

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