The Tata Safari can easily be considered to be the ‘national SUV of India’.

With a stint this long, a car usually gains cult status among its admirers, and the Tata Safari is no different. The Tata Safari was a new way in which Indians embraced SUVs.

Before the Safari came into the picture, SUVs were essentially rugged vehicles not meant for the cities. All of this changed when Tata launched the Safari in 1998.

For many Indians, the Safari is the definition for an SUV. Since its launch, the car has gone through a number of updates and has been admired generously.

A car this popular surely has a large fan following. And with a large fanbase comes a large set of questions from the fans of the vehicle.

So, here are some of the most asked questions about the Tata Safari, answered.

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  1. Is the Tata Safari Still Available?

    Tata Gravitas | Credits: Net Car Show
    Tata Gravitas | Credits: Net Car Show

    Yes and no.

    No, the older version of the Tata Safari, i.e. the Safari Storme was discontinued when vehicles were getting their BS6 makeover. The Storme didn’t make the cut and was discontinued.

    However, as per the latest reports, Tata will be launching the Safari once again. The much-awaited Tata Gravitas will be launched as the Tata Safari soon in 2021.

  2. Why Was Tata Safari Discontinued?

    Tata Safari First Gen | Credits: Team BHP
    Tata Safari First Gen | Credits: Team BHP

    As we have mentioned above, the car wasn’t upgraded to BS6 engine norms. While the Indian car market loved the car in all the years it served, the taste seems to have changed altogether now.

    With the onset of compact SUVs in the Indian markets, the Tata Safari was decided to be phased out.

  3. When Was Safari DiCor Discontinued?

    Tata Safari Dicor
    Tata Safari Dicor

    This is one of the most interesting Tata Safari questions to answer.

    Seeing the rising competition in its class, Tata decided to upgrade the Safari.

    With Mahindra eating up Safari’s market, Tata decided to come up with the Safari DiCor. The new Safari came with an updated exterior and updated interiors. Powered by a 2.2-litre DiCor engine and it churned 140 bhp and 320 Nm of torque.

    The Safari DiCor was phased out slowly in 2017, after ruling the Indian streets for almost a decade.

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  4. Which is better? Safari Storme or XUV 500?

    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500

    The Safari Storme has been pitted against the XUV 500 many times. However, when it comes to both these cars, there are a set of pros and cons that need to be considered before coming to a conclusion.

    Factors Tata Safari Storme XUV 500
    Price ₹11.08 lakhs ₹13.58 lakhs
    Mileage 14.10 kmpl 13.60 kmpl
    Power 148 bhp 153 bhp
    Torque 320 Nm 360 Nm
    Drivetrain RWD FWD

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  5. Which engine oil is best for Tata Safari?

    Best Engine Oil
    Mobil 5W30 Best Engine Oil

    The best engine oil to use in the Tata Safari is 15W40. However, it is always recommended to go through the user manual provided with your car. It always contains the information regarding the engine oil being used in the vehicle.

  6. What is VariCOR?

    Tata Safari came with a VariCOR engine
    Tata Safari came with a VariCOR engine

    VariCOR is a breed of engines brought to us by Tata. The VariCOR engines are an advanced version of DiCOR engines. It modifies its geometry as required and allows a constant turbo boost across a variety engine speeds, making the engine smoother and powerful.

  7. What is the expected price of Tata Safari?

    Auto expo 2020 gravitas
    Tata Gravitas

    The upcoming Tata Safari (read Gravitas) will have an estimated price of ₹15 lakhs once it’s launched.

  8. What is the estimated launch date of Tata Safari?
    2021 Tata Safari

    The Tata Safari is supposed to be launched on January 25th this year.

  9. What is the mileage of Tata Safari Storme?

    Fourth Generation Safari (2012-2019)
    Fourth Generation Safari (2012-2019)

    The Tata Safari Storme’s diesel base variant offers a mileage of 14.10 kilometres per litre.

  10. Is Tata Safari Storme worth buying?

    Tata Safari Storme
    Tata Safari Storme

    This might even be one of the best Tata Safari questions. The Tata Safari Storme has remained to be one of the longest-lasting variants of the Tata Safari. With all the necessary features and a lower price tag, the Safari Storme can be a good choice for many.

    While the variant of the car has been discontinued, you might find some Safari Storme variants up for grabs in the second-hand market.

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