Well, India is a place full of car enthusiasts. Those with the big bucks, import all kind of luxury vehicles in the nation and drive them around with pride. And while some cars make it to the headlines, some are abandoned to be slowly eaten away. Here are 7 rare cars that are lying rotten across India.

  1. Lamborghini Countach

    Abandoned Lambo Countach // Copyright to respective owner // Source

    Still considered as one of the most iconic hot-wheels ever produced by Lamborghini, the Countach last came with a 4.7 Litre V12 engine that was capable enough to produce a massive 455 BHP. Gathering dust in a parking lot in Chennai, it’s heartbreaking to see the car in a rotten state.

  2. Hummer H2

    Abandoned Hummer H2 // Copyright to respective owner // Source

    One of the rarest vehicles to sight in India, the Hummer H2 is sheer luxury. With its rugged looks and power-packed 6.0 litre V8, it’s saddening to know that a classic car has been left to rotten alone somewhere on the road in South India.

  3. Toyota Supra

    The Abandoned Supra // Copyright to respective owners // Source

    Having a special connection with Paul Walker fans, the Toyota Supra was immortalized in the Fast and Furious. But for this Supra, things haven’t been that good. Left to die in the Delhi Customs office basement for quite a long time, this 3.0 litre Supra is truly resting in peace.

  4. Rolls Royce Silver Spur II

    Abandoned Silver Spur II // Credits Team-BHP // Source

    Rolls Royce vehicles are built to last a lifetime. In fact, about 90% of all the RR’s ever made still ply on Indian roads. However, there are quite a few unlucky ones that are gathering dust. Above is the Silver Spur II, which is a classic Rolls Royce that has been dumped near some local garage.

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  5. Porsche Panamera S

    Abandoned Panamera // Credits Team-BHP // Source

    The first-ever four-door sports grand touring vehicle from the German brand, the Panamera S is a power-packed hot-wheel. Lying in a yard rusting away, the reason behind such deterioration isn’t exactly known, but it surely hard to see a great car dying away.

  6. Lamborghini Murcielago SV

    Abandoned Lambo Murcielago // Copyright to respective owner // Source

    Probably the only Murcielago SV in India, the fate of this sports car surely hasn’t been that good. After being involved in an accident, this car has been gathering dust, rust and all types of bugs in a police station in West Delhi, and has been rotten since then.

  7. Jaguar XJ L

    Abandoned Jaguar XJ L // Copyright to respective owner // Credits Team-BHP // Source

    The flagship model of Jaguar, the XJ L is usually known for its beautiful body lines and sleek face. But all is not well for this older generation XJ L which is rooting away in a Scrapyard at Ghodbunder road. The tyres are deflated, the logo removed and even the headlights are missing. The car is truly rottening.

    So these were 7 rare cars lying rotten across India. If you too have seen a beauty dying, comment down below. Till then, stay pinned. Also, read about 10 Painfully Impounded Supers in India as well.

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