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10 Reasons why the Renault Kwid is a Better Hatchback than the S-presso

If you are one of those “newbies” who instead of trying to fit in with the existing social groups and likes to defy the status quo and make the contemporaries wonder “why can’t we do something like that as well?”, then you’ll definitely admire the Renault Kwid’s journey in India. The Kwid led to the creation of a new segment altogether which left even the numero uno manufacturer as Maruti enticed, wanting to have a piece of that pie. Hence, the S-Presso comes into the scene.

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The Kwid has been around for a while now and the S-Presso’s arrival cranked it up a notch for the segment. The updated Kwid further spiced it up and the two have been locking horns ever since.

Even though there are hardly any two rivals that are so closely matched as far as what they have on offer is considered. Still, there are plenty of aspects that set these two cars apart and these make for a strong debate between the two for a potential buyer. Amongst them, if you re the one willing to tip the scales in the Kwid’s favour, then we have for you 10 reasons which make the Renault Kwid better than the Maruti S-Presso.

  1. Better proportions

    SPresso vs Kwid vs RediGo
    SPresso vs Kwid vs RediGo

    Both the Renault Kwid and the Maruti S-Presso helped defy the conventional design culture followed in the segment. Rather these two cars are considered to be from a different ‘Micro SUV’ segment as opposed to being categorised as hatchbacks.

    The credit goes to the tall and bulky design language followed on the two. We agree that the affordable SUV hype is real now, but with the S-Presso it seems like Maruti went a little overboard. The upright stance for a car of its dimensions seems to mess up the overall proportions. This is something which does not attract everyone’s fancy.

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    The Kwid, on the other hand, retains the conventional hatchback looks. The bulky bumpers, cladding all around and high ground clearance give the Kwid an SUV like appeal, hence having the best of both the worlds.

    Renault Kwid and Maruti S-presso, Dimensions

    Renault Kwid  Maruti S-Presso 
    Length  3731 mm 3565 mm
    Width  1579 mm 1520 mm
    Height  1474 mm 1549 mm
    Wheelbase  2422 mm 2380 mm
    Ground Clearance 184 mm 180 mm
  2. Better Ground Clearance

    Renault Kwid Ground Clearance
    Renault Kwid Ground Clearance

    Peaking of ground clearance, the Renault Kwid has an edge over the S-Presso here as well. Even though the difference is not that significant, but when ground clearance is concerned, a bigger number never seems bad and has got to have an advantage over the other.

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    Both cars have ground clearance as their strongest selling points and for the Kwid having 5mm extra of it only tips the scales further towards it.

  3. Sharper looks

    Renault Kwid | Low Maintenance cars In India
    Kwid vs SPresso

    When Launched in 2015, the Kwid brought to the segment something which it had always missed on before the Kwid, and that is Character. The earlier small hatchback was straight-up plain and the Kwid changed that. The Kwid has a lot going around on its exteriors with all the body lines, angular spilt headlamps, bulky cladding. All these elements make for a very interesting design considering the segment.

    The S-Presso, on the other hand, looks a lot familiar to the petite Kei cars we are familiar with from Japan. Despite having the SUV stance, the overall appearance of the S-Presso looks a bit dated.

  4. Spilt Headlamp setup with DRLs

    Renault Kwid Head Lights
    Renault Kwid Head Lights | Kwid vs SPresso

    First-in-segment and yet another element of the Kwid inspired from the higher segment SUVs is Spilt headlamp setup with DRLs sitting on top and Headlamp unit down below in the bumper. These go well with the Kwid’s overall design and gives the car an upmarket feel.

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    The S-Presso’s conventional headlamps setup looks plain boring compared to what the Kwid has on offer.

  5. Bigger Boot Space

    Renault Kwid Boot Space
    Renault Kwid Boot Space | Kwid vs SPresso

    Renault Kwid’s 279 litres of boot space is slightly bigger to the S-Presso 270 litres. The slight difference is not what gives the title to the Kwid rather it is ergonomics on offer. The Kwid’s boot has a wider opening with a longer loading lip, offer more space to put your luggage in the boot.

  6. Better-looking instrument cluster

    2020 Renault Kwid Instrument Cluster
    2020 Renault Kwid Instrument Cluster | Kwid vs SPresso

    Renault Kwid’s more conventional behind the wheel positioning of the instrument cluster is a more familiar and amicable place than the S-Presso’s big circular (Mini inspired?) centre console hosted instrument cluster.

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    The all-digital treatment for the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, etc, looks like it’s from a segment above and is much intuitive than the one on the S-Presso.

  7. Power Windows for the rear seats

    Not having power windows even on the top-spec trim for a car in 2020, well it’s a shame. This alone gives the Kwid an advantage over the S-Presso since the Kwid has got power windows for all four doors. The S-Presso only has power windows for the front two doors, even on the top-spec trim.
    Unless you’re a fan of nostalgia, you’re not going to like this essential feature lacking.

  8. Great Ride Comfort

    2020 Renault Kwid Interior
    2020 Renault Kwid Interior

    Renault Kwid’s softer suspension setup is more friendly to the passengers as it is more capable in preventing the shocks and jerks from bad roads to make their way into the cabin.
    Compared to the Kwid, the shocks are more prominent in the S-Presso’s cabin. Hence the Kwid feels more planted and a better option for the Indian Roads.

  9. Better Handling

    Even though you won’t be looking to throw these small SUVs or Crossovers towards a sharp corner since they aren’t made for that purpose. However, if you were to have some fun with them the Kwid will be a better choice. Kwid’s shorter height and better proportions mean that it feels more confident and stable around the corners.

  10. Less Body Roll

    Renault Kwid Dimensions
    Renault Kwid Dimensions | Kwid vs SPresso

    Even though these two are urban city commuters but we are sure that people won’t shy away from taking these for a long weekend drive out on the highway or through a steep twisty section of roads. The S-Presso’s boxy proportions and taller stance means that you’ll find it go all over the place around a corner.
    Compared to the S-Presso, the Kwid has less body roll ensuring more confidence to the driver.

So, that’s all the things that make the Renault Kwid better than the Maruti S-Presso. Let’s us know in the comments section below if you too think the Renault Kwid as a more preferable choice.

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  1. the key point here is “if you re the one willing to tip the scales in the Kwid’s favour, then we have for you 10 reasons which make the Renault Kwid better than the Maruti S-Presso”

    • Hi Sudipto,
      For one, the things Renault Kwid do, it does it with some finesse. This includes driving dynamics and features. Looks being subjective it should not be a determining factor, as it is an individual’s opinion. We’ll be soon posting 10 reasons that make S-Presso a better that Kwid. Stay Pinned!

  2. Yes, S-Presso is thousand times better than Kwid. Whatever you argue, Maruti Suzuki engine can never be beaten by any others. I am a proud owner of S-PRESSO from the day it was launched and am very very comfortable with it. Its a tiger on highways and the best among all its competitors.


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