Sachin Tendulkar Cars | The Master Blaster Collection

Sachin Tendulkar Car Collection
Sachin Tendulkar Car Collection

Sachin Tendulkar cars – before starting with the article, we would like to inform you that the god has got BMWs. By saying that we mean that he has got a large collection of BMWs inside his garage so if anyone who doesn’t want to dive deep into the world of BMWs should switch to another celebrity garage article right here!

If you are reading this, you are already interested in all the Sachin Tendulkar cars or should we say his BMWs? Well, apart from the BMWs, he has got some other epic pieces too. Did you know which was his first car? In case you don’t, we have answered the question for you! Read further.

  1. Maruti 800

    Maruti 800 | Sachin Tendulkar Cars

    Now you would say that we said the list will be full of BMWs but the first one itself isn’t a BMW! Well, one should always know about the beginning. Maruti 800 was Sachin’s first car. “Dream car when I was growing up? Well, I think most of the guys had wanted the Maruti 800 as their first car”, said Sachin in an interview. This 800 still lies inside his garage. Although he is never seen driving it now he has kept it as a memory of his career’s initial phase.

  2. BMW X5M

    BMW X5M | Sachin Tendulkar Cars

    The real expensive collection starts from here! Sachin Tendulkar had a 2002 BMW X5M which is an absolute rare find! The car is in the Long Beach Blue shade. Most of the buyers would prefer buying the normal version of the X5. Sachin got himself the BMW X5M which shows his absolute love for the wheels. This car is no longer with the cricketer as he sold it in 2018.

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  3. BMW 7-Series 750Li

    BMW 7 Series

    Sachin Tendulkar owns a highly customised BMW 750Li. You would be surprised to know the extent of customisation in this car. Even the seats have got the Sachin Tendulkar logo! A great taste of personalisation we must say! A 4.4-litre Turbo V8 engine powers this car under the hood and it can go from 0-100 in just 4.7 seconds!

  4. BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    BMW M6 gran Coupe | Sachin Tendulkar Cars

    Sachin Tendulkar owns India’s ver first BMW M6 gran Coupe! This is a sedan which comes with a coupe-like design on the rear end. Sachin has got the ‘Frozen Silver’ paint shade. A 4.4-litre V8 turbocharged engine powers this gorgeous sedan under the hood and it comes paired to a 7-speed automatic transmission. This is one of the most beautiful cars among all the Sachin Tendulkar cars.

  5. BMW M5 30 Jahre

    BMW M5 30 Jahre

    Just to let you know, BMW has made only 300 units of this car worldwide! Master Blaster has got one of those for himself. The car is based on the fifth-gen F10 model and gets the Competition Package as standard. The engine comes paired to a 7-speed M-DCT. This one can do a 0-100 sprint in 3.9 seconds!

  6. BMW i8

    BMW i8 | Sachin Tendulkar Cars

    You must have seen this car in its white shade. Just to let you know, Sachin loves to customise his rides and got his i8 painted to red! The BMW i8 is a plug-in-hybrid sports car. He got his ride customised from the one and only DC Designs. This customised BMW i8 looks absolutely stunning and Sachin is spotted driving this one quite often. This one has got a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine that is assisted by a hybrid synchronous motor. Therefore, this car can deliver around 47.45 kmpl!

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  7. Nissan GT-R Egoist

    Nissan GT-R Egoist | Sachin Tendulkar Cars

    Sachin doesn’t have this right now. He sold this ultimate sportscar back in 2017. This needed a mention because this is not your ordinary GTR. The one on the picture above is the Nissan GTR Egoist which was a limited edition and had added luxury if compared to the normal version of the GTR. This is a made-on-request car which makes it completely unique among all the Sachin Tendulkar cars. A 3.8-litre twin-turbo v6 engine powers it under the hood and generates 562Bhp.

This was all for our list of Sachin Tendulkar cars. We are sure Master Blaster owns many more cars which he doesn’t drive often or are a rare sight for his fans. If you have got some exclusive shots, mail them to us right away and we will feature them right here. Don’t forget to share this article with all the Sachin Tendulkar fans!



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