Summers are on, and so is the heat. The only thing that can make your driving experience pleasurable now, is an air conditioner. But much like all other parts of your vehicle, your air conditioning system and all its major components also need timely service and maintenance. However, despite your efforts, things can go south. So before you start to repent, here are 4 major signs of a failing AC compressor.

What’s an AC compressor?

Car AC service | Noises from the compressor?
Car Air Conditioning Compressor

Often dubbed as the heart of your air conditioning system, an AC compressor is responsible for keeping the refrigerant flowing throughout the system and ensuring an overall smooth performance. Thus, in case your compressor gives up on you, the entire air conditioning system will be severely affected. Most importantly, a bad ac compressor can start a chain reaction of failures, which if left untreated will lead to an exuberant repair cost and even days without AC!

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Signs of a Failing Car AC Compressor

Much like our bodies, key components of our vehicles also give out warning signs and symptoms before they develop any major failure. So here are 4 major symptoms of a bad car AC compressor:

  1. Weird Noises From Within The Compressor

    Noise from within the cabin // Source

    First things first, the most common symptom of a failing compressor are the weird noises that come from within the compressor. These noises are usually squeaky and emerge while you have turned on the air conditioner.

    Since your vehicle’s AC system is made up of various parts that work in unison, the compressor itself too is made of several interior components such as ball bearings and coils. If any of those parts start to break, malfunctions or acts up they will create weird squeaks and grinding noises that will indicate the car ac unit repair/replacement.

  2. Unnaturally High Cabin Temperatures

    Unnaturally High Cabin Temperature // Source

    Having a failed AC is something nobody likes. No matter what time of the season it is, one of the initial symptoms of a failing compressor is when your car AC is not blowing cool air at all. This leads to unnaturally high temperature inside the cabin.

    While an AC not blowing cool air can mean many things, a failed compressor is surely one of them. Hence checking for your ac compressor can very well lead to you solving the cooling issues as well.

  3. Fluid Leakage

    Compressor Leakage // Source

    Another potential symptom that can signal a malfunctioning compressor is the leakage of fluids from it. As noted above, there are bearings within the compressor that generally prevent any kind of fluid or refrigerant leakage. However, a worn-out/broken bearing can cause fluid to leak leading to the compressor’s ultimate failure.

  4. Stuck AC Compressor Clutch

    Failing Compressor Clutch // Source

    For efficient and proper functioning, your compressor needs optimum power. This is why an AC compressor comprises a clutch that is connected by a pulley to the engine, which allows it to use the engine’s power as and when needed. A broken clutch, therefore, will not allow the compressor to draw the requisite power resulting in failure of its function. Thus, it is highly advised to get the compressor clutch repaired/replaced if any fault is detected.

    So these were 4 major signs of a failing AC compressor. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues, we advise you to schedule your car service with GoMechanic where we use quality spares and essentials from GoMechanic Spares, to repair or replace your fault AC compressor. You can also choose from a wide range of quality spares that are 100% authentic and tailor-made for your beloved vehicle.

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