Top 10 Most Googled Questions About Tata Altroz

Most Googled Questions On The Tata Altroz

The Indian automotive manufacturers are on a roll ever since the cars from their lineup have started scoring good (or should I say exceptionally well?) in the GNCAP crash tests. India loves hatchbacks. There’s no second thought on this. When the manufacturers started putting in premium features to the hatchbacks, Indians chose to have a quick shift towards the new premium hatches. One such premium hatch which made others insecure was the Tata Altroz. This Indian manufacturer is already known for manufacturing safe cars and with their premium hatch, they have put many premium hatches to shame. In today’s featured, Let’s answered the to 10 Most Googled questions on Tata Altroz.

  1. Is Tata Altroz a failure?

    Tata Altroz Turbo Petrol | Representational Image

    We are still wondering how this question is even there on Google Trends? This premium hatchback from our very own Indian automaker has got everything that you need. It has a 5-star safety rating, it is loaded with features, it has got a great sound system. It has an engine which delivers decent power and mileage. After considering all this, who says it is a failure? At least we don’t!

  2. Is Tata Altroz worth buying?

    Tata Altroz

    If you prefer to be safe on the roads over getting more kilometres per litre, Altroz is definitely the one for you. Also, if you don’t get carried away by factory fitted air purifiers, this car has a lot to offer other than that. According to us, Tata Altroz is definitely a bang for your buck!

  3. Is Altroz better than i20?

    Next-gen Hyundai i20

    This is a highly debatable question as each one of them has got their own set of audience. While Tata Altroz has got a 5-star NCAP rating, the i20 has a huge history of success and reliability. For this one, we highly advise you to have a test drive of both the cars and choose the best for you according to your needs.

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  4. Why is Tata Altroz safest car?

    Tata Altroz Global NCAP rating

    5-stars! Yes, that is the maximum rating any car can get from the Global NCAP safety tests. This is not the first time a Tata car has got 5 stars but it is surely the first premium hatchback in India to get this rating. This hatch has got 2 airbags as standard and was appreciated for its stable structure in the GNCAP test.

  5. Is Altroz better than Swift?

    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Safety or mileage? You choose! All of us already know that Maruti has not got a good build quality at all. Although you might get better mileage from Swift you are the one who can choose between safety and fuel efficiency for yourself.

  6. Which is better Tata Altroz or Baleno?

    Maruti Suzuki Baleno Completes 5 Years

    This is a tough competition. As said earlier, for those who prefer safety over mileage, Altroz is going to be your pick for sure. Baleno, the premium hatch from Maruti has achieved rocket high sales in India but sadly lacks a lot on the safety aspects. Considering its from the MSIL tribe, we can’t trust the build quality at all!

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  7. Is Altroz good for a long drive?

    Tata Altroz XT

    With enough space and comfort for a family of 4-5 members, Altroz delivers what it is really meant to. You get space, you get comfort, you get a decent mileage figure and a decent power output too. This premium hatch delivers great dynamics which makes it a fun-to-drive vehicle. We guess that is enough for one to consider taking it on a long drive!

  8. What is the price of Altroz top model?

    Tata Altroz | Book Yours Today!

    The top-end variant of this premium hatchback is called the Altroz XZ Urban. The range-topping diesel variant costs Rs. 9.09 Lakhs ex-showroom. The on-road price of each and every variant will vary according to your location. You can contact your nearest Tata dealership for the same.

  9. Which colour is best in Tata Altroz?

    Tata Altroz rolled out from the Pune plant

    The High Street Gold colour is the one which all of us have seen in all the advertisements till now. However, if you don’t want a colour that loud, you can also have the Avenue White, the Skyline Silver or the Midtown Grey.

  10. Does Tata Altroz have a sunroof?

    Tata Altroz Turbo Petrol | Representational Image

    Unfortunately not. Tata is planning to bring this feature to this premium hatchback really soon but there is no official announcement about it as of now. On the other hand, its competitor, the i20 has got a sunroof which surely gives it an edge over the Altroz.

These were the 10 most Googled questions about the Tata Altroz. However, if you have anything else in mind, you can out it down in the comments section below and we will try to answer your queries as soon as possible! Share this article with all those who are planning to buy the Altroz and help them clear all their doubts regarding this premium made in India hatch.