Tata motors have released their sales report for the month of July, 2021, and they have made significant progress since last year. Be it passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles, growth has remained constant in both these sectors. Tata has slowly re-gained the trust of the Indian audience with exceptional cars like the Nexon, Altroz, Harrier, Tiago, and now the Safari. We can see this trust rising in the sales graph month over month. Let’s take a deep look in o the numbers!

  • Tata Commercial Vehicles

Tata is a player in 4 categories of the commercial vehicles market, namely, M&HCV, I&LCV, Passenger Carriers and SCV Cargo/Pick-Up. They have seen a growth of a massive 81% in commercial vehicles sector, when compared to July 2020. Take a look at this table for a more detailed analysis-

Category July 2021 June 2021 July 2020 Growth in 1 month Growth in 1 year
M&HCV 5416 5243 1785 3% 203%
I&LCV 3357 2785 1489 21% 125%
Passenger Carriers 825 943 451 -13% 83%
SRV Cargo and pick-up 12198 10623 8287 15% 47%
Exports 2052 2506 676 -18% 204%
Total 23848 22100 12688 8% 88%


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  • Tata Passenger Vehicles

In the passenger vehicles category, Tata has witnessed a stupendous growth of 101% over the past 1 year. Even in the last 1 month, Tata has seen a growth of 25% in passenger vehicle sales. Top selling cars include Harrier, Nexon, Safari, Altroz and Tigor.

Category July 2021 June 2021 July 2020 Growth in 1 month Growth in 1 year
Passenger Vehicles 30185 24110 15012 25% 101%

Tata has significantly been growing over the last few years, not just in numbers, but also in terms of quality. With new launches like the HXB and more Electric Vehicles, Tata is planning on growing bigger in the Indian Automobile market.

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